Blogger who loves Jamaica explains why he is never going back and cancelled most recent trip

Negril - via Rule For Rebels

Negril – via Rule For Rebels

In a review titled “Jamaica Farewell: Why I Cancelled My Jamaican Vacation & Why I Won’t Be Going Back Anytime Soon!!!” blogger, Billy Walker explains why he won’t be going back to Jamaica. He also discusses Trip Advisor’s censorship of negative comments on a destination. Below is an excerpt from the blog. We hope the people in the travel industry in Jamaica and the government is paying attention.

“What does get on my nerve is the straight up begging, and oftentimes in an agresive way. In my travels to Jamaica and Central America I’ve had people ask for money, however I have never had anyone demand money the way I have had so many agresively demand money from me in Jamaica.

One particular incident a guy told me to give him $5. When I politely told him no, he told me “would be a shame if you got stabbed”. Really, give me $5 or I’ll stab you?

On another occasion I thought I had made friends with a beach vendor who ran a small convenience store. He asked if I’d like to see where he lived which was attached to the place and right on the beach. I questioned whether it was a good idea, however I saw another American women back there talking with another guy so figured what the heck, it was only about 15 yards back off the beach. I walked back there and that’s when an agressive sales pitch to buy Marijuana started. When I declined multiple times he started getting aggressive with me and I was getting backed into a corner by him and another guy. I balled up my fists ready to fight my way out of there and wound up seeing a gap and just ran away. Even after these experiences I still went back to Jamaica another 4-5 times.”

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6 thoughts on “Blogger who loves Jamaica explains why he is never going back and cancelled most recent trip

  1. Billy have you addressed your concerns to the dept of tourism? Maybe they can contact the local police and clean up the area. When they realize they are losing money and tourists are not coming back maybe they will clean up their act. I myself love Jamaica my mother is from there and I have visited many time and I have never experienced any problems. I laugh and joke with the beggars and keep it moving. But they need to respect the tourists for we re their bread me butter.

  2. you make it look like everyone in Jamaica is begging you don’t have to go back .stop make it look like my country people them is just begger I went to different country too people beg me .I went to Haiti they Rob me and my friend. and take us to a cemetery is god make a good man saw us and help us to find our way back home .we never come and put it on Facebook Guyana the people them beg just the same all over Trinidad grenida all over you go you see beggers so go to hell is fame you looking you ain’t getting any look how much bigger in america move you stinking ass ..don’t go back to my country .you dirt ass you.!!!”

  3. thats plain crazy. I was going to J by myself 2x yr by myself. Never once had a prob with anyone. You can tell who to stay away from and who to be friends with. you have to be out going with J people yet know when to say no or sorry politely. I have seen many parts of J just by paying gas money to someone. I have two bestirs there who watch over me all the time. J are the best days of my life. Don’t think you know how to deal with people and I am a woman.

  4. Negril is the best!!! I have sent friends to my people and they had the best time of their life. Had no prob what so ever. My friends took very good care of them and all their needs. You pay a little xtra but well worth it.
    Some people just need to know how to deal with beggars and speak up. I walked that beach many of times alone. Went to clubs alone and never had an issue. Maybe you need to stay in u.s.

  5. “What’s going on? Where is George Graham’s Blog??”

    It seems to be at the following link, which doesn’t make much sense. Probably this site is under renovation or it’s been vandalized.

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