No, Don’t Kill Trump


Crazy Roger Stone is making headlines by claiming the “Deep State” has a plan to kill Trump. Of course Stone is the kind of publicity hound who would do or say just about anything to make “news.” But I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody somewhere is plotting to exterminate  America’s abysmal president.

That would be a mistake.

Kill Trump and you get Pence.

Pence and his fellow-Republicans.

I’m sure you realize by now that the Republicans are playing Trump to get what they have wanted for so long – the remaking of America. Their vision is one of remorseless capitalism in which the vulnerable are trampled and the most ruthless become all powerful.

It is the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest, the domain of the Devil.

With Pence, there would be no need for their dirty tricks. He is the personification of bigotry and self righteousness, made to order for implementation of their oppressive agenda.

Trump is crazy. And greedy. And vulgar.

Pence is evil.

So is Ryan. So is McConnell (and guess who you get if you kill Pence).

These are sadistic human beings, bent on inflicting the most draconian measures on the American people in order to further empower a tiny elite to whom they long ago sold their souls.

.With Trump to contend with, the Republican leadership must resort to manipulation to implement their agenda. With Trump eliminated, they would be free to wreak their havoc at will.

Trunp is disposable. We the people have the power to get rid of him in a couple of years. In the meantime, what is desperately needed is a Democratic Congress to keep him in check.

Our relief must not come from a bullet but from our ballots. And November is not so far away.

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6 thoughts on “No, Don’t Kill Trump


    It doesn’t have to be “Trump’s” Reichtag fire. The assassination of Trump could be the reichtag fire. Not only could the resulting civil unrest provide a pretext for martial law and the beginning of a police state — there could be enough pent up Conservative anger to create the next krystalnacht.

    The actions of such as Antifa are providing content for hate propaganda that can possibly create enough fear and hatred among Conservatives to escalate a just-one-calorie diet version into a full calorie, authentic NAZI cycle. Just throw a match (i.e., reichstag fire) and then watch krystalnacht unfold.

    Then again, maybe the Left will turn out to be the stronger. Antifa may well be the tip of a qualified Communist insurgency iceberg operating within America, in which case, this thing could turn out to be the American Bolshevik revolution.

    America’s enemies probably don’t care either way. They’ve probably infiltrated both movements equally well, and can hijack either one, to power, either way.

    Either way, the vast majority of the Left will fare equally poorly.

  2. We can only hope and pray that America takes advantage of their democratic right and vote him out in the next election. If not, here comes China & Russia, ready, willing and able to take over the world’s leadership and economy. Billy G.

  3. The leaders on the right are getting ready to cash out and it looks like the left is going to take back the house and the senate. Making Trump toothless.

  4. Actually I meant that the Democrats should take control of Congress in the next election. I hope & pray that the Democrats get out in full force and vote! Billy G.

  5. George Graham is right …we need to make a clean sweep of many not an elimination of one. The only problem is Trump is working towards a fascist dictatorship and that will mean no elections. All this war talk is leading up to Trump being able to get his tiny hands on the Constitution and elections will be nothing but a memory. America has to remove this man from a position of power NOW! There is no time to waste.


    History records the story slightly differently.

    History records that the Communist street gangs educated the nascent NAZIs in the ways of violence and set the origins of the SS in motion.

    Far from the Antifa account, the Communists may have informed enough militancy to sustain the NAZI movement that perhaps might have otherwise passed like a childhood sickness.

    History records that the NAZIs were finally beaten by allied soldiers, ships, tanks and planes.

    “Forerunner of the SS
    By 1923, the Nazi Party (NSDAP) led by Adolf Hitler had created a small volunteer guard unit known as the Saal-Schutz (Hall-Protection) to provide security at their meetings in Munich.[2]The same year, Hitler ordered the formation of a small bodyguard unit dedicated to his personal service.”

    Indeed, it appears that Germany was all but a failed state at the time, unable to effectively prevent running street battles between rival political factions.

    Opening one’s mouth meant the Communists would visit and beat your head in, just like Antifa.

    The nascent NAZIs quickly learned the necessity for “hall protection”.

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