What “the People” Want


As I ponder yesterday’s comments by Joy and LogicFish, who have obviously read extensively and thought intensely about the way our world works, I wonder how “the people” figure in this vast puzzle. What do they want?

I doubt any group, however cunning, can rise to power without the tacit consent of “the masses.” And I think it would be even more difficult to retain power without that approval.

In my view, for example, the Trump administration is a grave threat to civilization. Yet despite the relentless efforts of civilization’s institutional establishment, – the civil service, the justice system, the media, the intelligentsia  and so on -Trump remains in power.

Obviously, “we the people” must be OK with that.

The polls seem to back up my conclusion. Trump’s approval rating is climbing.

Could it be that a significant segment of America’s people,don’t really value abstracts like morality, decency, courtesy, fairness,honesty, civil rights, personal privacy, even freedom?

They might give lip service to such concepts, but I suspect that what they really value are material things like a hearty meal on the table and a warm bed at night.

Obviously, there are exceptions -such as the pro-lifers and gun nuts on the right and the revolutionaries on the left – but to “the masses” in America, “the issues” don’t seem to matter that much.

If they have an ordered society that provides them personally with the reasonable expectation of a job and a habitable place to call home, they aren’t going to risk those things to defend some other American’s constitutional rights.

Or to ensure other people’s children and grandparents don’t go hungry.

Or to provide health care for others if they themselves have health insurance through their jobs or Medicare, or whatever.

Or to protect people who don’t even look like them from injustice and persecution – even random execution by police.

Or to help refugees from faraway places find a safe haven from physical and economic abuse.

And certainly not to admonish their leaders for disgusting and corrupt behavior.

You may hear about liberty, justice, democracy and so on in a civics class, but you are not likely to find yourself discussing such topics at the corner bar. You’ll probably be involved in an animated discussion about “the playoffs.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not sitting in judgment on “the masses.”  You won’t see me marching down Post Lane waving  a torch and pitchfork anytime soon.

Unless they take away my Social Security, of course.

Trump’s approval ratings

8 thoughts on “What “the People” Want

  1. Actually, George, she is not French but Egyptian. Semiramis from the ideology that existed before Solomon who brought the rituals into the ancient Kingdom of israel and caused the splitting of ancient Israel into two. The 10-tribe house of Israel exiled by the Assyrians and the two tribed (Judah and Benjamin ) taken into Babylonian captivity. The king of tyre made a league with Solomon and sent him 666 talent of gold each month and also sent him Hiram to get Solomon into the rituals that is known today as freemasonry. Does 666 mean anything to you? Does it make sense for Solomon to marry the daughtet of pharoah after the exodus? Are you aware that Syria is the ancient tyre? Now can you figure why we are bombing Syria? Read ezekiel 28…and isaiah 14 regarding lucifer/Satan’s plan. Do you think satan is dead? The fight of Good and evil is not finished. All we have is to choose this day whom we serve…..God or satan….jesus or barabas ….Same ol’ ….same ol’. Get into history and the Bible. ..a reporter like you will have fun in the rabbit hole.

  2. I think you live in Chicago, Janice. And I wonder how you can tolerate guns when so many around you die daily from gunfire. As for being pro-life, that’s an intensely personal matter, and I don’t think I have the right to dictate what you do with the body God gave you. That’s between you and Him, beyond the scope of man’s law.
    I know that the Bible says 666 will be the mark of the Beast, Joy. And I choose the Word of God over the doctrines of the Evil One, when I recognize the difference.
    On a personal note, you once said you belong to the tribe of Judah. And Judah is now in West Africa? Or am I mistaken?
    By the way, here’s something that puzzles me. Jacob had two wives, and two of their maids bore him children. In all, they had a total of 12 sons and one daughter (Dinah). The Jews claim descent through the matriarchal side of their heritage, yet Dinah’s descendants don’t get to be counted as one of the tribes? What’s up with that?

  3. There is a thread that runs throughout history and the Bible . History answers what,when, where, how, and man’s understanding of who (and they blame each other). The Bible answers why. Man’s understanding does not provide the answers (as you said one is finite the other infinite) the Bible confirms that God’s thoughts and ways are far above ours. Additionally, the Bible says God revealed his acts to the children of Israel and his ways he revealed unto moses God gave us his word and his word became flesh and walked amongst us. He gave us salvation so that we could receive his holy spirit who would reveal his word.. (ezekiel 36:27)..as the word of God is not for interpretation. .(much less translation )..but revelation. A wonderful dictionary of the Bible is strong’s exhaustive concordance to the Bible. You can find every word you can think of and you will see what the Bible says in the old and new testaments. And at the back you will find the Hebrew and Greek. Strong was a lawyer and it took him 32 years to do this monumental work…it is a gift. Judaism which is a religion steeped in many doctrines put the being Jewish on the mother’s side but the Bible puts it on the father’s side…hence the children of Abraham. ..not Sarah’s. Both of my parents are from Judah. So, was jesus’. Both were from the house of David although we know that Joseph did not sire Jesus. You should not trust your theology to man but only the written word…and yes,we know man has misquoted etc, but again. ..this is why God gave us his holy sprit. Are you afraid you might speak in tongues,George? God does not violate anyone’s freewill. Jesus said in revelation 2:9and 3:9 that not all who say they are Jews are Jews but are the synague of satan. Most parading around as Jews are not from Abraham/Judah. Many real Hebrew Jews still scattered throughout the world (not just west africa) know this. It is part of the big picture. All the best……you are going to have some fun

  4. Yes, I live in Chicago (suburbs) and in my town it is legal to have a fire arm. Yes, I am licensed. I am pro-life and no I don’t care for the butcher mills that were created by Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. By the way, most of her abortion clinics are in Black neighborhood. Coincidence? I think not. As for Judah being in Africa, Israel is in Africa. All you have to do is look a map. There is no such thing as the Middle East. The name was created do distance themselves from Africa. You even have people saying Egypt and the whole of North Africa not being Africa. What does an African look like? I think Joy had made a comment a few blogs back (Why is He Still President?) not understanding the whole continent of Africa’s composition. If religion is going to be used to uplift people and respect humanity, I’m all in. However if it is going to be used to exploit people, I am going to have to leave it alone.
    Watch this:

  5. George: I forgot to cover the question of Dinah, Jacob’s daughter. Does this not prove the patriarchal system? Dinah was not a tribe. However, she was from the tribe of Judah. C’est la vie….

  6. There’s so much to say to that, it’s like trying to push the Pacific through a drinking straw.

    What not start with this:

    “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review.’ ”


    But it’s funny that “such as the pro-lifers and gun nuts on the right and the revolutionaries on the left” seem exempt.

    That’s because there are people that seem to have less common spiritual power because of knowledge they have. Such people include the people of Abraham, who are committed to respecting and obeying God.

    This is a theme that is explored in various forms of fiction, such as the Harry Potter franchise, in which there is battle between a hidden minority that have power, while the “muggles” mill about unaware. Or another similar, lesser known one in which masses are similarly called “mundanes”. And then there is the Star Wars franchise where there is battle between those with knowledge of Force, and then there are the masses milling about, unaware.

  7. LogicFish: I respect Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs…However, he neglected to deal with two…the most important being “the need to worship” man does have an innate and intense need to worship and in the lack of knowledge of the one, true, and, living Creator, mankind will worship anyone and anything–even himself.Needless to say, how much trouble this has caused.
    Maslow’s work covers self actualization–but there is more– Christ actualization, that only comes through Jesus Christ and a relationship with the God was created man and wants to walk and talk with His people..this great God of love who entered our realm, so that we could be reunited with Him, who wants to be our Father and establish an everlasting and unbreakable consanquinity with us, His children. Many say ” it’s confusing, I cannot see Him.” But have you seen a radio wave? Yet, when you build the receiver….a voice speaks out of the box you just plugged into the wall. Have you seen the wind? Has anyone seen the wind?
    George quoted a poem (Thanks, George). Here is another to consider:

    Who has seen the wind?
    neither I nor you
    but when the leaves hang trembling
    the wind is passing through.

    Who has seen the wind?/neither you nor I
    but when the trees bow down their heads,
    the wind is passing by. (Christina Rossetti)

    Indeed there is much more to life than what the natural eye can see. Later, then.

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