Rewriting Jamaica’s History

I just watched a video posted by Janice and I wonder where the “historian” in it got his “facts.” According to him, everything we “know” about Jamaica’s past is fantasy.

An early history of Jamaica was written by my granduncle, Archdeacon John Graham (photo). And, trust me, he was a decent, honest man. He would never have conspired to create a false narrative in support of British colonialism.

Why on earth would he?

Of course, much of what we see and hear is fiction. Events and facts are manipulated, even invented, to further political goals. But I can’t think of any motive my granduncle would have had for making up a story about Arawaks and so on.

Janice’s historian, on the other hand, has obvious motives for promoting a racially charged narrative that contradicts the accepted version.

Janice’s historian wants us to believe there was no slave trade, that European invaders enslaved the indigenous people, who happened to be black.

How’s that for a radical theory? And why does this guy want us to believe it?

The message I get from Janice’s video is not just distasteful; it is dangerous. Why set Jamaicans against one another on the basis of skin color?

Out of many one people, Janice. That’s all you and I need to know. Racism is ugly, whatever segment of the spectrum it’s from.

Janice’s video:

18 thoughts on “Rewriting Jamaica’s History

  1. The internet is loaded with Mischief so it is not surprising to see the beliefs of some are now able to use the U/tube sites and Facebook to promote their Ignorance.Janice like most Americans have a belief system and their minds are most difficult to change, even if you present them facts from reliable sources makes no difference to them. They know very little about how to identify what is Real news or Fake news. I have long dismissed and not even bothered to read Janice’s comments anymore, poor woman needs psychological help just very disappointed at her loud mouth and angry rage.I hate to repeat my self but Janice is the perfect example I talk about Jamaicans that come to America and quickly learn to behave like most American Bigots, such a shame………..
    Joy, Who are those people insisting that refugees should just walk into America without due process? I had to go through a process including providing a criminal record from Jamaica before I could get a visa to travel here, I was never aware that some Americans are insisting that refugees should just walk in, news to me.
    One Love, Eddie

  2. I’m surprised that Janice posted a video on the European divide and conquer strategy in Africa and seems to understand the so-called “Democratic Plantation” strategy, but then seems to endorse a video that is clearly a propaganda piece meant to create racial friction. Or maybe she is interested in what others would make of it; so I decided to view it with as open a mind as I could.

    That feature’s most striking component seeks to establish that blacks are the indigenous people of Jamaica, and Caribean and possibly the Americas, thereby possibly invoking indigenous rights to justify negro dominance and possibly even ethnic cleansing and other attrocities.

    If Janice is actually searching for the truth about this, I would advise her to simply look to her own people, even if she might choose to discount such as our gracious host’s granduncle, Archdeacon John Graham as prejudiced. If blacks were indigenous, there’d be word of mouth accounts passed down. It would be impossible to hide and the Jamaican blacks wouldn’t have to “discover” that they’re indigenous — they’d already know it. She should talk to her family and seek what they know.

    Secondly, I would appeal to scientific observation. Janice is apparently living in North America, so it should be a simple matter to seek out actual American idigenous people to observe. She would personally see who the idigenous people of the Americas are. She could go further to link arms with them and learn what they know.

    Then I would point out that the European civilization could itself claim indigenous heritage if it decided to lie about such things. If Europeans decided to fabricate Jamaican history, why would they contrive a history where they themselves are immigrants ? Incidentally, as a young Jamaican schoolby, I learned that the Arawaks committed suicide because of the harsh conditions of their slavery. That memory might be distorted because it’s been a long time. I seem to have a more recent recollection that that was an incident that happened on a different island. Nevertheless, the European account seems to run along the lines that the Arawaks became extinct under European stewardship due to their mistreatment (at worst) or neglect (at best). Why would Europeans contrive a history that records their guilt of such attrocities and worse ?

    That video then continues with some more content that is designed to provoke anger in the audience and thereby link those emotions to its indigenous negro conspiracy theory.

    In conclusion, that video appears to be an example of factory produced propaganda that reflects the requisite level of professional skillfulness, but nothing beyond that.

  3. P.S., that video is also decidely anti Christian as it disparages the Bible as nothing more (or less) than a weaponized fiction. That may be taken as a signature of the interests behind the video and may reflect on its credibility overall.

  4. Eddie you were just itching to find a reason to put my name in your mouth again. I think you are still a coon looking for that butter biscuit. Sorry George but I had to say it. If he leaves me alone, I won’t attack. I am Wolverene from the XMen. Negro, you just might get that butlers job Sambo. There is a thing called choice and you don’t have to believe anything. Many people don’t want to believe the original Egyptians and Libyans were Black; they would rather believe Cleopatra looks like Elizabeth Taylor and I say believe it.

    Logic Fish I encourage to view this video again:

    Can you deny these facts about why Africa is in chaos because of the Berlin conference in the 1800’s. All Gaddaffi wanted to do was change the imbalance and for that Libya is now a failed state. Thanks Obama! I say believe what you want to believe and do you.

    Finally, here is a positive link about Jamaica:

  5. Eddie : you proved my point. I.e., you went through the legal immigration process to move to America which is the legal way… but others want to jump the fence….however, you missed who I meant by …those who insist on others just walking in… and listen to what these are saying. They are calling them dreamers…and are arguing that no one should object to them being allowed to live here although they did not legally come here. These are not dreamers –they are illegal immigrants (lawbreakers). They need to apply and get in line. Do you not agree?

  6. George : do you have a copy of your great/grand uncle’s, rev. John henry herron graham’s book? I would love to buy a copy….not to prove what you say but to get more research done as effort are being made to rewrite history today all over the world as Orwell predicted. What I gleaned from Spanish /English /Hebrew history of Jamaica so far, is that the indigenous people were indeed the arawak/caribe (later called red indians)….and this is so important to world history because the same peoples were original to America and Canada . The second group came into Jamaica with Christopher Colombia (Christobal colon–from where we get the word, colony). These were mostly sephardic Jews escaping the Spanish inquisition …and they settled and became the rulers until the English challenged them and won. The black nations were a consequence of the slave trade. However we need to remember that although the English participated , (to their shame)with the slave trade, they also brought slavery to an end . We need to remember too, that slavery was inflicted on many peoples throughout history –the worst of course, is that we all became enslaved to satan from the creation of mankind (Romans 6:16). Practically speaking, the truth sets us all free, and we would be better off fighting our real and common enemy, satan, individualy and collectively with the weapons God provided for us through jesus Christ than each other. Back to Jamaica, as you said, George, out of many one people….enjoy the wonderful, beautiful gift of Jamaica and it’s people–a garden in more ways than one. Enough said.

  7. “That’s why those participants must tear down and destroy other cultures — to force others to accept theirs.”

    Although it might be attractive to displace others’ cultures that one might despise, it must be apparent that Archdeacon John Graham’s history is that of all Jamaicans — that it’s impossible to vandalize or delete his without doing the same to all Jamaicans’. Without a true history, how can a people hope to move forward in truth?

  8. Wouldn’t DNA prove where Jamaicans came from? Most of us are a mix of European, Asian and Sub Saharan.

  9. Joy pay attention to what I said, I had to go through a process including providing a criminal record from Jamaica before I could get a visa to travel here.What that means Joy, anyone visiting America from any country has to go to the American Embassy in the country they are from to apply for a visa to visit America, nothing about applying for residency different ball game.No one from any country can just come to this country unless you are approved by the U.S. Embassies.What happened in this last election was just a Dirty game by your Republican Party Joy to discredit what the Obama administration, to extend deportation protections to families of U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Joy, have you already forgotten all the insulting names Trump said about immigrants? Did you think Trump was funny when he said Obama was not American and should show his Birth Papers? If I am not mistaken I believe very strongly that it was your Republicans that became very nasty led by Trump that suggested that Obama was bringing illegals including ISIS terrorist on UPS planes from Syria.The misinformation provided by your party Joy, makes you believe all the nonsense so, Joy I cannot agree with you. I have posted a link just to remind you of past administrations what the also did on immigration. Enjoy

    One Love, Eddie

  10. Hi Eddie : I am not Republican. By illegal immigrants i refer to those people who jump the border at Arizona or pay smugglers to pass through borders, or walk across borders as some illegals living in the US did at the Canada border recently. Photos were live on cbc as they were handcuffed. I quite understand that you immigrated legally. Why do you question this? I heard you. Clearly, I am not referring to you. And do not perceive I am American –or Republican. I may be Swedish- sephardim.Three love.

  11. Actually, Eddie, I could take offence by your accusing me of “my Republican party that became very nasty….” where did all this come from? And for the record…I like the Obamas and continue to speak well of them. No man is an island…or God. We all put up with ratios. There is good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us
    So, let us research our facts and have logical arguments–not generalizations and false /vain assumptions/accusations. Three love.

  12. I regret, Joy, that I don’t have a copy of my granduncle’s book. It was the history text in Jamaican schools when I was a boy. I understand that scholars are discovering Arawak was the language spoken by indigenous Jamaicans, and the actual name of the tribe was Tano, but otherwise, the archdeacon’s research seems to have held up pretty well.
    As i understand it, the Caribs from Cuba and Puerto Rico would invade Jamaica from time to time, slaughtering and even eating the Tanos. The Spanish enslaved the Tanos after Columbus “discovered” Jamaica (Xaymaica – island of springs). The Tanos were physically and emotionally unable to survive slavery and eventually became extinct. As a child, I heard that the last known Arawak was Martha Brae, and the river by that name in Jamaican was named after her.
    The Spanish imported slaves from Africa and released them when the Englsih invaded the island in the mid-1600s. The released slaves, I understand, became known as the Maroons, whom the English never could subjugate. The English imported slaves from Africa (via Nova Scotia and the Carolinas?). I’ll provie what other “facts” I think I “know” in today’s blog.

  13. Joy, based on what you said,Trump may well be the lesser evil. Get a map of the world…examine it like a chess board and see the game of moving borders. …robbing sovereignty. …causing racial strife and economic disparity…religious conflict….controlling information through the acquisition of media by the hegemonic few ….starting wars to steal territories and creating mass refugee migration . Racism, sexism, genderism, wordings , are smoke screens to hide the real agenda…do the math….make connections and fill in the blanks. Trump to me Joy is leader of the Republican party that is everything you described above that led me to think you are Republican why you came at George for his story about The Company Trump Keeps. Your defense of Pence to George that he should not generalize and may not have attended a University.My apologies Joy, you certainly fooled me, I am really the ass………

    One Love, Eddie

  14. George, I never denied that Jamaica was multicultural – at least pre mid 1970s. I don’t think it is like that now but since Jamaica is having a brain drain, we now have to import professional middle class people. I now see a lot of China Chinese not Jamaican Hakka Chinese; I see a lot of India Indians not Jamaican Indians on the island. Many have become naturalized Jamaicans. Yes, this is happening at an alarming rate. I don’t mind, I just don’t like the way the Chinese and Spaniards treat Black Jamaicans. Check out this video:
    Slap teenager:
    The girl get box up and rape for $40 Ja dollars. This is .10 us cent! Yes, she got arrested but why did she feel emboldened to do it?
    Plastic rice video:
    I have never seen this type of behavior from any Jamaican Chinese store owners.
    Diasporians should support Jamaica the way Jews support Israel. Even Jamaican Jews are more loyal to Israel than Jamaica. No US president can become president without American Jew support. Most American Jews are more loyal to Israel than their birth country – the US.
    Jamaicans need to do more than have conferences every two year at a resort and send the yearly barrel. Notice they don’t have these conferences at the Jamaican own hotel but the Spaniards, who don’t give back to the country. You know I won’t be attending plus it’s too clicky.
    White Jamaicans – do you remember John? Me , you, Chris and some others were on the teleconference a few years ago. Here is a skit from John:
    Here is a positive link about Jamaica:

  15. “That’s why those participants must tear down and destroy other cultures — to force others to accept theirs.”

    Have people been paying attention?

    The reason for the conditions that Janice described is that the political Left almost took over Jamaica.
    + Janice’s video describes the IMF usury to create angry feelings. That IMF yoke is a direct result of left wing governance in Jamaica.
    + Mainland Chinese barbarism is a direct result of the Left in China. The so-called “Cultural Revolution” was the “Cultural Descruction”.
    + The described “brain drain” is also a direct result of the Left.

    The Left plan to take over the entire planet and Communism is the system they plan to use to govern it. There are different flavors that they experiment with. But the always destroy/subjugate a country’s intelligencia when they take over. A good example was the Communist takeover of Cambodia in which any evidence of literacy meant a death sentence.

    I remember attending a party years ago that was also attended by some younger black Jamaicans. When they asked where I’m from and told them Jamaica, they laughed and said that’s impossible because I’m too white.

    Has there been a genocide? There’s a body count but perhaps not enough to justify that term. But it has had a similar result.

    As for Janice’s video, that’s all the more reason for me to stay away because people there seem to be fantasizing an alternate history to justify more genocide.

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