What Will Mueller Find?

Mueller Investigation: March 22, 2018

As the Mueller investigation grinds on, snippets of information are showing up in the media, and they hint at a frightening conclusion.

I don’t think many of us still doubt that Russian thugs played a major role in Trump’s election, or that Trump’s allies collaborated with them.

And any average law student could make a compelling case against Trump for attempting to obstruct the investigation.

So why hasn’t Mueller submitted his report? What is he still digging for?

Could he suspect a crime so vast, so complex and so hard to accept as possible that he must be very thorough and very, very careful?

As he follows the money, where is it taking him?

From what I hear on TV and read on the web, it looks very much as if he is on the trail of a massive money laundering operation.

Isn’t it odd that so many millions of dollars pour into the pockets of Trump’s affiliates yet those affiliates seem to keep so little of it?

Manafort was desperate for cash, we’re told. Cohen had to borrow on his home to pay off Stormy Daniels. Kushner is constantly scrambling for foreign loans to keep his real estate empire afloat.

Where does all the money go?

Could they all – including the president of the United States – be just front men for a clandestine organization?

Could they be working for the Mob?

And what might the Mob do if Mueller gets too close to the truth?

Am I scaring you yet?

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12 thoughts on “What Will Mueller Find?

  1. All the Republicans that doubt Mueller has nothing on Trump and all is a conspiracy created by Hillary and Obama will be given the rude awakening when Mueller presents his case.I believe Mueller has found so much evidence that matches your cartoon Which hunt we will be enjoying Mueller time soon …….
    One Love, Eddie

  2. If all that is true and I have no doubt it is, then Mueller’s life is definitely at stake. Could that be the hold up? What would you do if you were Mueller and you got a phone call saying keep on investigating until this blows over and if you want to keep your wife and children (does he have children?) alive just phase it out saying there is no evidence and no proof. The Republican party has sold themselves for a paltry amount of power and unfortunately there is nothing they can do to rectify it. If Trump has his way he will win the next election by hook or by crook. he will arrange the process to favor the outcome in his favor. Yes George, it is scary…very scary. Billy G.

  3. What is really scary is the right hand/left hand theory to the big picture. As logic fish said the folks behind all this really want to take over the entire planet. So, let’s pretend both the Republicans and the Democrats have the same ultimate agenda….then any way Americans vote they get the same thing (like voting in a communist regime–people get to pick one of say five candidates–but each have the same agenda-or say, there is a powerful bunch at work behind the scene,manlpulating the heads of both parties, and they control all the money anyway, what will really change for the people? To whom can the people turn? As Billy indicated who will sacrifice his family for standing against a perceived all-powerful source? This is why we need to take a look at the Bible and history. Because there is a spiritual component at work . Not because we can’t see someone/something it means he/it is not there. Consider radio waves for instance…we can’t see them but with the receiver the man talks through the box you just plugged in the wall. Who has seen the wind/neither I nor you /but when the leaves hang trembling /the wind is passing through./ who has seen the wind ?/neither you nor i /but when the trees bow down their heads/the wind is passing by (Georgia rossetti). I have already given the scriptures in prior blogs. Just suppose nazism was just a dry run? After all, there is talk that ww2 was over when the perpetrators accomplished their real agenda. And what was that? It’s like a Rubic cube -you get to figure it out. Jfk figured it out. Listen to his speeches. He was murdered soon after he let that cat out of the bag. Start the puzzle–you will have fun playing sherlock Holmes. More love.

  4. Joy , I hear you but for me the bible and religion in history has done wonders for the rulers and elites.
    Religion is regarded by the common people as true,by the wise as false, and by the Rulers as useful.
    The Catholic Church has been on the side of dictators all the time. This is a symbiosis of interests for power, corrupt and degenerate, among the powerful, the politicians and their accomplices and partners in crime against humanity on Earth, the religious organizations of all types and kind.It is also important to note that the Jesuits are the creators of the secret society organization, most corrupt, evil and powerful on Earth.
    Am I now to believe America was a secret society all along.
    One Love, Eddie

  5. Yes, evil has existed before man was on the scene. Yes,religions have encompassed evil. Like everything else,even mathematics, religion can be used for evil…and it has. But the scriptures are both historical and instructional …even comforting and prophetic. God wants relationship –not religiosity. Religions are man made to suit some agenda outside of God’s plan. When you read the Bible for yourself you discover the truth. Also, you see for yourself that there is a fight of Good and evil in the spiritual and the physical realms. Read rossitti”s ‘ poem again. Check for yourself –what have you to lose? We all started out where you are. ..full of doubts and fears….then we learn that the world is full of lies and illusions. It is shocking but we are glad we searched. Try it…you will become autonomous and happy. Our enemy lies, steals and destroys –it’s about time you found out. More real love.

  6. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true,by the wise as false, and by the Rulers as useful.”

    http://www.dictionary.com/browse/religion , in part, defines religion thusly:

    a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.”

    How do the “wise” answer those questions ?

    Incidentally, while religion is useful in maintaining social structure and order, it also constrains and imposes limits on political power. Indeed, any regime that disrespects or contravenes the ordinary peoples’ religious convictions does so at great peril.

  7. Janice,

    Thank you kindly for that explanation. I only viewed the video a little past 7 minutes and hope that was enough to get the whole thing.

    First of all, it’s flawed. The dictionary defines words of the English language. Incidentally, English and England are named after an Germanic ethnic group, that migrated to part of Britain, called the Angles, from whence comes the term “Anglo” and “Alglo Saxon”. But I digress…

    If one is to express oneself in English, it helps to use words according to how English speaking people understand such words. These undertandings are documented in resources called “dictonaries”.

    But also, English itself is a hodgepodge of different languages, beginning with peoples that migrated to, colonized or invaded Britain, and then borrowing from other languages. For example, I encountered the word “lakh” when I dealth with a lot of Indians (from India), and found that word useful, only to find that it’s already in the English dictionary.

    Therefore, if you don’t find “racism” precise or useful enough for your needs, you’re welcome find an English word that fits your needs better, or even to introduce us to a new, better word. It can be Swahili or Bantu. Our English culture is self-assured enough to accept new and interesting words and idioms in stride, and you’re welcome.

    I might also add that suffixes such as “ism” and “ist” describe idiology. I can write more about that if necessary.

    As for the oppression angle, it’s easy to point out examples where blacks are in the majority have shown themselves to adequately oppressive. I don’t know if you paid attention, but the white Jamaican diaspora is that the point where younger black Jamaican’s don’t even seem to know that there have been white Jamaicans.

    I could also go into other races/cultures that value racial purity to the point where they apparently castrated babies to prevent their race from being “polluted”

    I hope that you begin to think for yourself instead of believing every bit of propaganda that seems designed to make people angry.

  8. Hi logicfish: I left you a comment under the deep state re
    Racism and personal experience. Pls comment….you might find it amusing.

  9. P.S., the video seems to have the following structure:
    1. Disarm the audience by discrediting an important source for critical reference.
    2. Promise its intended audience to that it’s immune to racisim.
    3. Recount an incident that would make its intended audience angry.

    While I didn’t go much more than 7 minutes with it, probably it then seeks to indoctrine its intended audience with racist doctrine and dogma (well, because it begins by promising that it can’t).

    This makes it resemble a mediocre example of hate propaganda.

    After having mentioned COINTELPRO, which is a type of clandestine psycholigical operation, it’s surprising that Janice would then seem so influenced.

    It almost makes me suspect that Janice is a white-supremicist psyop to make black people look hateful.

  10. Slowly he is building his case and sharing info with states and saving the evidence so that it cannot be hidden from view. Trump will be wrapped up in a big red bow.

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