When Women Roar

Was Rudyard Kipling right when he declared that “the female of the species is more deadly than the male”?

As a famous female used to say, “You betcha!”

Kipling cites examples among wild animals and he could have found even more in the insect population – black widow spiders, praying mantises and the like.

He also finds deadly examples among North America’s indigenous people.

He doesn’t mention female politicians. But I bet if he were writing that poem in America today, he would have.

Women are flexing their muscles in US politics. At least 500 women are running for major office in November’s elections. And female candidates scored numerous victories in Tuesday’s primaries.

Even more ominous for the status quo, women voters seem energized as never before. They’re turning out in droves.

The pundits are identifying Trump’s misogyny as the spark that ignited this uprising. But I suspect there’s more to it than that.

Women have put up with too much for too long..

This new insurgency has been building for years, and it has built up a head of steam unlike any movement in America since Women’s Sufffrage.

America’s swaggering  males, who have dominated the political scene for generations, should be quaking in their shoes. Their day in the sun is drawing to an end.

And I think it’s about time. Don’t you?

Women running for office

Women in the primaries

Kipling’s poem

5 thoughts on “When Women Roar

  1. ” ‘Torches of Freedom’ was a phrase used to encourage women’s smoking by exploiting women’s aspirations for a better life during the women’s liberation movement.”

    “To expand the number of women smokers Hill decided to hire Edward Bernays, who today is known as the father of public relations, to help him recruit women smokers. Bernays decided to attempt to eliminate the social taboo against women smoking in public. He gained advice from psychoanalyst A. A. Brill”





  2. George: again you are astute. Yet, what women really want is not political or worldly power. I heard it clearly from a world renown pastor. He said all over the world he has never met one woman that would not gladly exchange her briefcase for a loving husband and baking cookies for a bunch of his kids. He hung his head and said “we men should be ashamed that we have treated women badly–we have forced them to mistrust us and now they are trying to do without us. When we men change the women will too. ” nuff said.

    I really think he said it all. An innovative blog, George.

  3. Please don’t speak for me sister. the very last thing I want is a devoted husband waiting for me to bake him and the kiddies cookies while I wear my pearls and heels. your pastor does not meet many business women. I want power and position and agency over myself.

  4. Wow janice who is that guy in the video? I am glad I do not even live next door to him–his attitude towards women is frightening. Is he a militant Muslim? Wow.

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