Why Don’t I Just Leave?


A reader (using the pseudonym of “Chris”) wants to know why I don’t just go back where I came from instead of staying to criticize America.

It’s a refrain often heard today as xenophobia sweeps this ailing nation.

And it deserves an answer.

The short answer, in my case, is that I think the United States, despite its failings, is worth saving. And I believe it still can be saved.

Even with Donald Trump as president and with so many Americans spewing hate.

For centuries this nation has held up the torch of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world to follow.

Admittedly, America has sometimes had misguided leadership. It has strayed from its noble mission. But overall, this land has been our land – a land in which we are free to pursue our dreams, beyond the reach of oppressive princes and potentates.

Rich or poor, we can hold our heads high, unfettered by notions of class or caste. And “we the people” are empowered to govern ourselves.

It is a concept that is always under attack by formidable forces. And it is more endangered than ever in these troubled times. But I believe the vast majority of Americans would again defend it with their lives.

No, “Chris,” I am not going to pack up and go back to Jamaica even if you and your kind come marauding down Post Lane with your guns ablaze.

I will not be intimidated by the likes of you.

And I will not be intimidated by your belligerent president. I will continue to point out his flawed behavior – without fear or favor.

And as even the most “low-information” observers can see, Trump is behaving outrageously.

In addition to a multitude of domestic transgressions, he is pursuing a destructive and dangerous foreign policy.

He is embracing the Russian oligarchy, which is an undisguised criminal enterprise. while he gratuitously insults Canada’s prime minister, mocks Britain’s chief of state and belittles traditional US allies around the world.

He must mistake civility for weakness. When our former allies respond to his attacks, he is in for a rude awakening.

But I believe this, too, shall pass. We the people will not meekly accept this aberration.

It has been said that the darkest hour is before the dawn. My hope is that a new dawn is coming for these United States. And I do not intend to go anywhere in the meantime.

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24 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Just Leave?

  1. Chris, most humans,unfortunately live in their own little world–where they live according to their own perceptions that make them comfortable and anything that disturbs their own thinking, they put it on their selected scape goat.

    The entire world is distressed and many are seeking answers. However, most fail to see the big picture–it is a spiritual problem that began before humans walked on earth (see isaiah 14: 12-13). Eden was there. Genesis also mentions Eden and a replanted garden and dominion was given to man. We all know about the disbelief and disobedience and satan deceived Adam and his wife and usurped the dominion until man could regain it . That is why mankind has to put off the fallen self and be born again through the spirit of jesus Christ (ezekiel 36:27). …..check out the facts and be part of the solution (2nd chronicles 7:14) is a good start. It does not matter where any of us go or live–the solution will still be the same. It took me a long time to discover this truth but I am glad I did. All the best to yòu.

  2. Logic Fish, remember when I said every now and then you might experience xenophobia, like what George encountered in this post? It will be for your ethnic group not race. No White Jamaican will ever go through what a Black Jamaican goes through in the US – never. The way I see it, everyone is from somewhere else. George point that out the next time someone fly up in your face. Ask them where did his people come form? The only people that can say that to me and I stay quiet are Native Indian Americans and Native Black Americans. Without Black exploitation, no one would have migrated here. This country is built on planned genocide of Native Americans and free labor of Black Americans. Watch this:

    and this


  3. With all do respect. You sir are a disgrace. and I quote “No, “Chris,” I am not going to pack up and go back to Jamaica even if you and your kind come marauding down Post Lane with your guns ablaze.” With all do respect sir, my wife is a police officer, I have 5 guns in this house. I have never once picked one up for any reason, self defense, enjoyment, target shoot, I couldn’t probably load it properly. The fact that you make the statement, the way you did, basically proves my point about you and your blogs. You sir, based on this fact have proven yourself a disgrace. “My kind?” If A white man said that to any ethnicity you would be considered a racist in this country, oh that’s right, that is what the democrat says when somebody isn’t politically correct. You clearly do not know your facts, you just just proved that, and based on your own ideology or political affiliation, made a racist remark towards me. Nice work! I try to visit Jamaica every year, I enjoy their culture, their people, their sense of family. I love this country, yet I still would be willing to move to Jamaica, in a heartbeat. Is it perfect? No. of course not. Am I going to move there and write a blog about what I think in my own mind is wrong? No of course not. . This country didn’t go down hill because of Trump, it has been for years because former presidents never acted the way they should have. By the way, don’t try the “what about Bush” arguement, This is the first time I since I started voting that the guy I picked actually won. And now… now you are a bit upset because he is running the country like a business, and getting things done, and you do not like it. Better yet, I am willing to bet there has been no more than (1) thing that may have affected you poorly since he was elected. And that will be a social matter no doubt, and not an actual political one. Sir, I am fiscally conservative, socially moderate, they call “my kind” a libertarian. Soooo… Please, take your self approved CNN rhetoric, and shove it in the toilet. I never made any attempt to “intimidate” you. Twice now you proved you are the fool. And you… you sir have failed miserably. So I will take my absence from you, as they say, I yield back. To any other reasons that agree or disagree with myself or George, please do not be upset by the banter. Thank God Trump is there, and it will remain a free country for now, and George and I can have a civil debate. George, although I disagree with you strongly in may cases, I still take the time to read your Blogs. You stepped over the line thought my friend… ” No, “Chris,” I am not going to pack up and go back to Jamaica even if you and your kind come marauding down Post Lane with your guns ablaze.” You stepped over the line. I will apologize for your behavior. It’s unbecoming of you George.

  4. Right on✌And joy? I believe it is “with all due respect” which usually implies none at all……

  5. Libertarian ? My foot “”with all due respect oh joyless “ Christopher” what the heck does a law enforcement agent need with five guns if you don’t know how to put them away by la and clean pick and lol load any o them yourself perhaps you and your joyless alias should go off grid in Texas? And “libertarian” is another term you may want to look up while hiding behind your wife”s skirt.

  6. Perhaps you Understand the response spoken in your language? The skirt was a joke: not that I am assuming irony is number one on your list I don’t want you sending Annie Oakley after me….sincerely Christine Graham ( real name) Am a real brave chick or what?! And I’m sure it’s not your wife wearing the skirt in the family.. ☎️ Call me sometime I am democracy!

  7. call me anytime I AM democracy (does the “k” stand for Kardashian or KKK? ) I never knew there was a line in thought? You Honorary Jamericans sure are smart I’m just a lowly legally naturalized citizen hopin you and Trump can make America great again Because I doubt Expatriots like yourself are wanted by and their labor party affiliated Prime Minister anyway…. As for The English thing you referred to, well go after Canada and you might see them coming your way

  8. Every day brings us
    This country is sliding into the abyss. Every dirty trick in the book is being used to dismantle whatever there is that makes is a good place to live. Very quickly we are becoming a country without morals and a piggy bank for the oligarchy.

  9. Ms. Graham, I don’t hide behind my wife. I’m not sure what your responses are or have to do with what we are talking about. My wife is law enforcement. I’m proud of her. She collects guns. That’s why I have no need. I prefer to think people have good hearts and we will never need to use them. Although, if the poor fool breaks in our house, he probably won’t do very well, unless he had a gun. I can take care of myself, fortunately. I have Jamaican machete all over the house, I collect them. Mixed in is a real one. I know which one it is. I won’t be going for the gun. I do like your argument, if that is what it is. I am not sure how it applies. I was refuting what George called me. That’s all. Why aren’t you going after George for being s racist? He stated it. Not me. Oh, you’re probably them same political affiliation. It’s okay. You seem very nice.

  10. Since Janice didn’t comment on my emergency first aid attempt, I’ll elaborate.

    Although that first aid video may seem overstated to some, it is actually understated with respect to space (天長) i.e., geography; and understated with respect to time (地久).

    Although that 1st aid video features American adventurism in that subject, it is absolutely naive to assume that other political and ideolical interests have not coveted it and cultivated their own versions. For example, one of Janice’s videos suggested that Jamaica had been destabilized during the 1970s. Why would one neglect there are interests that would actively try to destabilize the United States? Indeed, that same Janice video seems suspicioiusly like propaganda to further the interests of a foreign power. Janice would do well to regard all media with suspicion.

    We would all benefit by discerning the possibility that each medium we consume could be propaganda from a foreign power or deep state or other actors, directed at destabilizing the United States.

    The 1st aid video is naive in terms of time when it asserts that so called “mind science” is so young.

    “Explores the unacknowledged psychological element in Maimonides’ work, one which prefigures the latter insights of Freud.”



    “The modes of persuasion, often referred to as ethical strategies or rhetorical appeals, are devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker’s appeal to the audience. They are: ethos, pathos, and logos, and the less-used kairos.

    Aristotle’s Rhetoric describes the modes of persuasion thus…”


    But even that neglects the antiquity of clandestine mind science.

    One may well scoff at the love potions of fairy tales until one considers that they demonstrate the long ambition of covert mind influence, and until one considers that the Haitian art of creating zombies might have remained just a folk tale until modern science figured out how that works.

    Even that 1st aid video is ancient history and “kid stuff” compared to modern mind science. They didn’t didn’t leave much unexplored, even possibly obieh.

    Dem not easy. Steh deh.

    Think bigger. 天長地久.

  11. Who made you an “honorary Jamaican,” anyway, Chris K.? You certainly don’t have my vote. You are no credit to whatever race or country you belong to. Find another blog to haunt, you ol’ duppy!
    :(I’m kidding, of course. Just wanted to show how we real Jamaicans can “trace” when we are provoked.)

  12. Chris my intention is not to start a argument but Chris K. (Honorary Jamerican) are you Jamaican or American? If you are Jamaican maybe you have forgotten your Roots. Jamaicans do not put up with freshness especially a Jamaican calling himself Jamerican, the next question they would ask you if you are now African American and believe me Chris looks like you have short memories Proud Jamaicans would be twanging back at you, Why don’t you just leave since you consider yourself a Honorary Jamerican, guh back to your America we don’t need your kind down here. Worst yet telling Jamaicans you voted for Trump, I think they would be calling a taxi and asking him to hurry and take you back to the airport, send dis man back to America quick quick before we beat him R….sssssssss
    One Love, Eddie

  13. SO sorry. I didn’t know, when I go to the resort, they call me a Jamerican. I never knew Jamaicans, were so angry with Trump. I am not sure why you would hate me, considering I would do anything to help a friend. See, I was not aware that Trump has hurt any Jamaican. If that is the case, I guess I must apologize for him. I guess it almost sounds like racist thing, which makes no sense to me, since in the US Trump has helped create Jobs for eveybody. Once again, I only wish for people to be at peace with one another, I was only upset by George saying “No, “Chris,” I am not going to pack up and go back to Jamaica even if you and your kind come marauding down Post Lane with your guns ablaze.” That’s a very racist thing to say, and I thought George was above that. Then I was personally attacked. SO, I am sorry if I upset the real Jamaican’s in the house. I watched my country go down the tube for the better part of 20 years, that includes many presidents, and I am only looking for economic matters to get straight in out country. SO as I would never wish harm on you, or your great Island country, I would think you would never wish harm on anyone else. BTW, (Honorary Jamerican was used once before, the last time I wrote it I guess it auto filled. I do not wish to overstate my welcome. Thank you for listening.

  14. Chris K, I am also a Jamaican and agree with Eddie 100%. That you voted for Trump shows how uninformed you are. He is easily the worst President the US ever had. He lost the majority vote by nearly three million votes and his crass and lying behavior has made the rest of the civilized world look down on America with distrust. I have known George for 80 plus years and one thing he IS NOT is racist. He is well educated, having won many awards growing up and his career as a Journalist has kept him well informed which is more than I can say for you. Billy G.

  15. Ouch. Billy, you being hard on Chris k , honourable jamerican.
    Can’t you tell we are confusing him? Seems to be a cultural problem. Firstly, trump was said to be a bad president before he became president. ..actually from the day he announced he was running. Some academics are still trying to anaLyze why trump is so hated by some especially those who want to see a one world government. Any ideas, logic fish?

  16. Thank You Joy. Again. I don’t understand the hatred? At least towards me. I thought Out of many, one people. In the event that George is not a racist. Which I know he isn’t. He still made a racist remark. I don’t think he meant it. But that’s where being free is great. He is allowed to say what he feels. If I had said something of that nature. I would be vilified Now, other people are vilified for being racist, when they have said nothing. I suppose you can be mad at me, for voting how I did. But do folks in Jamaica get so mad when one votes the the Jamaica Labour Party and not the People’s National Party? And visa versa? If I never said I voted for anybody, and I was supposedly welcomed in your country, would there be a political intolerance in Jamaica too? Once again. Please forgive me, as an American, I am honestly sick of this countries politics. I felt this way in 2008 when I started visiting your wonderful Island country. I always wanted to live in a place where communities and families stuck together. We don’t have that here any longer. And then our government has effectively put us so far in debt. I just wanted the money to stop leaking out of this country. SO, to the very well meaning folks in here that I have hurt so poorly. I am again Sorry. Thank You for your time.

  17. Let’s let bygones be bygones, Chris K. I was just kidding when I said you should find another blog to haunt. And I welcome you as an “honorary Jamaican.” We all say or write things in the heat of the moment that we might later regret. Of course you aren’t going to come marauding down Post Lane, with or without firearms. I don’t know where you live, but it would probably be far too long a trip, anyway (kidding again). Let’s agree to disagree. You voted for Trump, and that’s something I cannot get my head around. But this is America, and we are all free to vote our preference. So let’s just be friends anyway.
    By the way, thank you, Eddie and Christine, for coming to my defense. I needed that.

  18. The art of propaganda didn’t start with Bernays nor end with the NAZIs. 天長地久.

    It has been cultivated for thousands of years and, since the time of the NAZIs, cultivated with almost infinite funding and a air of desperation as, for example, the United States saw its strategic interests as opposite to “Godless Atheist Communists” that could be counted upon to exceed any decent restraint.

  19. Indeed, the resulting full spectrum psychological warfare, in my opinion, deserves its own special word. Just simply “contemporary propaganda” or “pyschological warfare” doesn’t seem to do it justice.

    In any case, who would have been practicing this longer, and have entrenched this seamlessly over a longer period ? Would it be Trump, or perhaps an “institutional establishment”, for example ?

  20. Incidentally, it’s the role of the 4th estate to inform the people so that they can participate properly in their democratic processes. When it exerts effort beyond that, that makes them propagandists.


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