Royal Blood? Really?


I suppose the love affair the media seem to be having with “royalty” is no more bizarre than the fan frenzy some performers inspire.

But, personally, I cannot get my head around the idea that an individual with no unique physical, mental or spiritual assets should be set upon a throne and showered with the people’s hard-earned money.

If I understand history, kings, emperors and so on used to be the equivalent of today’s Mafia dons. They ruled territories because their gangs were so terrifying. And they made sure their sons – or occasionally their daughters – inherited their ill gotten power.

Some did things that proved beneficial to the people they ruled. The Hapsburgs, for example. But most were downright horrible. They beheaded people. They burned people at the stake. They assassinated their rivals, including their closest relatives.

They were a lot like Trump’s new pal, Kim.

So when I see ads for DNA tests to uncover any “royal blood” I might have in my veins, I am not tempted. I wouldn’t want to find out that I am descended from Henry VIII, Bad King John or Catherine the Great… or any of the other monstrous kings and queens of yesteryear.

The way I see it, Western civilization is well rid of those blood-stained bullies. I’m all for power to the people – even when the people make stupid mistakes like electing Trump.

At least their mistakes can be corrected at the ballot box – without bloodshed.

So while I share in the warm glow everyone seems to be feeling over Meghan Markle’s fairy-tale romance with Prince Harry (photo), I can’t justify the notion of royalty to myself.

From what I read on the internet and see on TV, Kate is a nice young lady, and William would make any mother proud. But is that enough to justify the millions they get from British taxpayers?

But what do I know? The older I get, the more mystified I am by this weird world of ours.

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14 thoughts on “Royal Blood? Really?

  1. It’s a diversion. Opiate for the masses, like religion. Keep people occupied with the frivolous Royal Family, Kardasian’s and golf and they won’t notice that their country is being looted by a bunch of crooks and scoundrels.

  2. Megan was married in Jamaica with her 1st husband and now she and Harry will be going there for a honeymoon. Why? That’s not a good look.

  3. Come on,George. .you have certainly heard of “entropy” –everything goes from order to disorder? This is the world we live in–even if something is created to do good–next thing we know it is used to destroy/do evil.
    Hence, the reason we need God to be our salvation –to fix it.
    If you recall, the creator of television picture tube, valdimmir zworykin, said he was sorry he invented t-v because man has used it for evil. In fact he said (I quote) “television is a gift òf God, and God will hold those who utilize his divine instrument accountable to him.” (Check it).

    Is there a parallel with blood? It is now scientific fact that “life is in the blood.” Any doctor will confirm that blood tests will provide diagnosis and prognosis. Blood tests also reveal whether blood is human or animal…also what has been recently consumed. What would coroners/ forensic psycologists do without being able to test blood?
    A kin to dna, my friend, as we have now advanced. So, blood is telling and foretelling.
    Yes, there are bloodlines–families are related by bloodlines. Bloodlines denote relationship. So, blood and bloodlines matter and constitute who we are individually — and collectively.
    George, we are still trying to work out matters such as freewill and destiny etc.

    Even if someone is destined to be a ruler does not determine if s/he will be a good or bad leader…some of the time or all the time –there are other dynamics. Should bad and evil rulers be punished? Yes, absolutely. Like any human being evil should be exposed ,tried, and punished–s/he should be investigated….charged. …and if guilty be punished and moved from office/position. Not saying like Charles, or Louis 1v, their head should be chopped off…..if we cannot create a life we should not end it (think about that) but there are other ways of dealing with evil doers that might actually make them wish they were dead….and maybe they will learn a lesson and repent/reform.

    Now, we go further: is there divine blood? Yes. But I will not go into that because I have appealed so many times for you to look at the big picture and that does not seem to work. It seems most humans say they believe there is a God but they do not care what he says.
    Sufficient for me just to quote the lyrics of Cohen ‘s halleluja: “your faith was strong, but you needed proof. saw her bathing on the roof…her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you….she tied you to a kitchen chair. ..she broke your throne. ..and she cut your hair…..”
    In brief, God gave David a throne, but he did evil and exchanged his throne for a kitchen chair….

    What can I say? Revelation says: “they overcame him with the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony”….hallelujah. …not a broken hallelujah like David ‘s but a powerful one. Blood is powerful, George. ..we need to be careful with it. And yes,I know my history, you are from the Scottish bloodline of kings. History tells us what happen to your ancestors– they also did some evils…evil was done to them too…oh,damn–this entropy. Worst of all, some of them went into witchcraft (it is recorded)…the rest is history–did you know?

  4. I have taken a look at my supposed ancestry, Joy. But you seem to know more than I do. Was Jean Cochrane (Dundee’s gypsy wife) a witch? I wouldn’t be surprised. The Wica pops up even now in this generation. You might find this old site of mine interesting.

  5. Well, George, gypsys (gypsies) are known to practice the dark arts even today. So, i would not be surprised. But it was not her. The one recorded was a Kate ( I forget her surname but i will look it up and tell you later). Anyway,because of all this, plus the politics with England of course, five families, called the border reviers — that included the grahams , bells, Campbells were exiled from Scotland. There is an old textbook titled “the steel bonets” by McKenzie Fraser that tells the story. Included in that monograph is the actual curse that was put on the five names by an archbishop called calvin Dunbar– I have seen the curse and have actually been in Dunbar’s church which is still standing–400 years later. Dunbar’s name is still on the plaque above the altar– can you believe?
    If you have never visited Scotland, I urge you to take a trip and learn your history. One place to visit is the Edinburgh Cathedral –very near to the castle where you can see the graham stained glass window and put a rose on the marble vault of your ancestor, jacobi graham. Incidentally, the Chapel in Edinburgh castle was built by David the first king of Scotland whose mother was a graham. When there, go to Stirling castle in Glasgow where your family lived for sometime under Robert DE Bruce….etc. also buy yourself a replica of the crown jewels of Scotland and at least a tie from the graham tartan if not an entire kilt. I have to run off to a meeting but will send you the missing information here later. Oh, there is also a statue of Thomas graham ma. Reknown mathematician , at the town square of Glasgow. Later then.

  6. All this is too much for me. My wife and I visited Scotland and stood on the vault of Bonnie Dundee believing at the time that I was descended from him. I only spent a week in Scotland and thoroughly enjoyed it. My host’s name is Alan Horne who is a Scotsman who married a dear friend of ours of Canadian Native decent. We visited so many castles I never want to see another one as long as I live. Every castle we visited had a huge log with a list of soldiers killed in battle. All of them had so many Grahams listed as killed in battle that it is a wonder that the clan survived at all. You are quite a historian Joy and I look forward to reading any information you dig up. Billy G.

  7. Yes, Joy, I, too, have visited Scotland – more than once. As a student, I was awarded a trip to Great Britain and spent several months touring the country, participating in “brains trusts” and attending grammar schools.
    Many years later, as a reporter for the Toronto Telegram, I was assigned to do a series on the British economy. During my time in Scotland, I visited Edinburgh Castle and other historic places. At Edinburgh castle, a guard told me (jokingly, I hope) “We got rid of the Grahams once; we don’t want them to come back!”
    Are we border reivers? Perhaps,. For generations we used the double surname Heron Graham. And the Herons were fierce border bandits. Or were we the more respectable Claverhouse Grahams?
    Anyway, after all these years, that blood line must be so watered down by other varieties that it would be hard to identify now.

  8. Hi George : I apologize for the mean guard who put you off searching your roots– that is how the enemy works–he does not want us to know who we are and that we are important to the big picture in the grand scheme of things– he lies, steals, and destroys– not to mention distracts.
    Look out for him — be on guard.
    However, what the guard said about not wanting the Grahams back is his own chosen prejudice (he may have been a MCLean)-there are many who feel differently–and show kinship.
    Scotland however is still today a step in the past. Since subdued by england , 400 years ago,and although many Scots have contributed to major inventions and systems of the world, there is still major resentment and the Scots still want their own Kingdom back. Hence they do not like to excell for the credit to go to England. Actually, an old enmity also exists among some of the various clans. For instance, with some Scots, if the name MacGregor is mentioned in a pub,someone is sure to spit over his left shoulder–so maybe you got off lightly with that guard.

    Well, back there even the tartan was banned…but it was removed in modern times. Essentially, the present GUEEN has had many Grahams working in positions of trust in the palace and her family members have been marrying the GRAHAMS again. Speaking of marriage, there still exists an uncanny fact that they still marry each other. For instance, famous ALEXANDER GRHAM BELL (two Border River families) then, world famous Rev. Billy Graham’s wife was a Bell. Many Grahams still marry Stewarts/Stuarts, and Campbells etc., you meet them all over the world.

    But back to the Queen. I think it was in the 1990’s that she returned the Stone (Jacob’s pillar stone) to Scotland with the agreement that it goes back to England for coronations. For years it was under the throne of England. To be sure the Scots viewed this as a great triumph–they are still wanting their own throne.

    Essentially, George, yes….yours is a Border Reiver family and all the Grahams of Scotland are related–same root.
    My research was 32 years ago, and I have to find some old notes as to the surname of that witch…but in the meantime, Google “the Steel Bonnets” by George MacDonald Fraser (MacKenzie fraser is the name of the river town)
    The book is there and allows some of the pages to be read. There is also a map showing the territories of the Border Reviers and the Graham lands are shown (given to them by DAVID 1st. )the world has been full of hate and wars…and in the end, who was right and who was wrong’-who really knows….the fight for human rights and social justice still goes on. However the Big picture proves that “we fight NOT against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places” it is boxing at shadows while lucifer carries out his agenda from ISAIAH 14: 12-14.

    Have fun with the book on Google and order a copy–you won’t be sorry. After all, you have some of your children on your blog who deserve to know their background. When all this is over, George, tell me bloodlines do not matter–you will eat your old school hat. No matter what lucifer says through guards, the Grahams were fierce and noble fighters who sadly made the mistake of going into the black arts (probably felt there was nothing else to try) and for this transgressìn–they lost their Kingdom. Like Adam and his wife “FOR ONE TRANSGRESSION THEY LOST THE KINGDOM. Like King David….King Solomon–they lost the kingdom. “Oh, what a tangled Web we weave….” nuff said.

  9. Hi : it is not that I know so much about the Grahams (i could write a book about Columbus) I just know a lot about history and when I visit anywhere I make connections to check that history and i make notes. As you know, history is usually written by the victors–and it is not always the truth. Yesterday’s terrorist becomes today’s advocate/hero look at Nelson Mandela, for instance.

    I think I already disclosed I am an academic. I have spent my entire life in the halls of learning and I must praise God for His gift of a photographic mind, and with His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding–I make connections easily — absolutely NOTHING escapes me. However, the downside of that is people do not like me and I never found anyone to love me– talk about nerd–it is worst for me–I am called uncanny and weird. Added to that, i am bonefide Hebrew: matriarchal from Judah, and patriarchal from the house of Israel (I am not a zionist–I do not agree with their ideology it is not Biblical). PLUS I am an orthodox Christian who speaks four languages –that does not help my popularity. Does all this bother me? No. I have learned to live with it. I am happy and have great peace and joy. This is but a part of my curriculum vitae. I have had an unbelievable life.

    You also have a great curiosity, George, that is a gift but you sometimes allow yourself to be influenced by those close to you instead of using that great mind of yours to check/RESEARCH everything. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE ALWAYS. You will have fun, make connections, and be at peace. Remember to check the book, the Steel Bonnets….

  10. Billy: is your friend, Alan Horn, who married your native Canadian friend, any relation to author Tom Horn? Back in the day when the Scots first arrived in Canada most married Native women or they would not survive the cold and primitive conditions of the cold white north. It seems some are still doing that today. It must be something more than is said in history–it must be love–or the beauty of the Native women.

  11. Joy, I have no idea of Alan Horne’s ancestry. He did not discus it and I didn’t ask.

  12. Goodness gracious, what interesting comments today, however, I just want to put in a good word for Queen Elizabeth as I think most of her subjects really like her and England without the royal family would be very dull indeed. Also they must bring in quite a lot of money from tourists who go to participate in feeling a part of it. Harry and Meghan are a lovely fairy tale for romantics, and may it never end! A lovely diversion from the complete ugliness of Trump and his destruction of poor immigrant families.

  13. Elizabeth Ayers: “…the ugliness of Trump and his destruction of poor immigrant families….” how do people who ILLEGALLĂť cross bordĂ©rs, jump walls and fences get to be called “poor immigrants?” Further, how do some think American is wrong to put the adult trespassers in detention and their children in a safe place pending proper investigating. How can parents TEACH their children to break the law and be criminals? Real immigrants fill in applications and stand in line. What kind of LAWLESSNESS has invaded the minds of some today? How did you get into America? Did you steal into the country–or did you/your parents apply and wait for permission to enter? Be objective…is lawlessness what you want for YOUR country…YOUR children or YOUR grandchildren?
    Do you think it does not affect you, so you do not care? Remember, YOUR children will be meeting them in school and on the streets.

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