Are We Trump’s Jews?


The Nazis seized power by turning the Germans against the Jews. Trump seems to be targeting immigrants to seize power in America.

As I”m sure you know, he is staging a theatrical show of force at the country’s border with Mexico. where “illegal immigrants” are being subjected to savage “zero tolerance” practices.

This grotesque campaign includes a remorseless assault on asylum seekers – even the imprisonment of children in internment camps.

And the draconian policy is not restricted to the southern border.

A French girl, who was visiting British Columbia, was arrested and jailed for two weeks recently when she inadvertently jogged into the US.

By word and deed, Trump is attacking all immigrants, pointedly giving xenophobic Americans a target for tribal hatred.

Even those of us who became US citizens are at risk.

Immigration officials are scanning our citizenship applications in search of “errors.” If they find any, or claim to find any, they plan to revoke our citizenship.

These are frightening times.

But I believe America is better than that. I believe this great democracy will rebuff Trump’s crude crusade to divide and rule us.

The moment of truth is coming in November. Will Trump’s promised “red wave”  engulf immigrants in a nightmare of terror? Or will a “blue wave” cleanse the nation of Trump’s toxins?

We immigrants can only watch and pray.

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10 thoughts on “Are We Trump’s Jews?

  1. Rich NY Jews funded Hilter’s war; theyalso funded both sides of Napoleon’s conflict. It is all the about money.

  2. We need to use our right to vote to get them out of power. We need to take out all of his teeth. Congress can make laws that the president is powerless to veto. All it takes is 2/3 of the government. That should be our goal in Nov. There is no other way. We cannot depend on the Republicans to do the right thing. They have lost their moral center. They are cowards and thieves.
    Vote Blue

  3. The Democrats need to rally in full force and not depend on any Republican having second thoughts.

  4. So, it’s red OR blue eh? Does this sound prejudi ce to anyone? Suppose we superimpose black OR white — would that help anyone to see what is REALLY GOING ON HERE?

  5. Yes Joy, it’s red OR blue. And the prize is my survival. This is not the time for academic dithering. This is the time to fight for our lives.

  6. Fight, yes, George, but be VERY SURE you are in the right war. Academic dithering? What about paranoia? Incidentally, Canada puts handcuffs on those sneaking through their borders.

    You are law-abiding, George, why shouldn’t everyone else?

    Another question I have, Mexico is not killing these illegal “immigrants” so, they are.not refugees, so why isn’t Mexico feeling as sad as you are over the children whose parents “dragged” them across the US border and send a plane for them? After all, they are LEGAL MEXICANS.

  7. Some laws are immoral and are meant to be disobeyed. The laws are just the rules of the ruling classes imposed on the rest of us. It takes an uprising against injustice to get laws that are just. To see you so rabidly support following the unjust execution of the laws is to see how the easily the husbands in the Margaret Atwood novel allowed their wives to lose agency. It is the same with all injustice, all it takes is to do nothing and blindly quote, it is the law. The law does not say that the families must be separated, it does not say that the people who break it must be incarcerated for a misdemeanor. They apply the laws in such a way as to strong arm people into staying away and punish any foolish enough to think this is a better place to live and to threaten them with the loss of their children for being so stupid as to fall for the rhetoric and fairy tales about this being the land of the free and the home of the brave. I cannot bear how the laws are being applied, it does not reflect me and it doesn’t reflect any decent moral people. Shame on anyone who thinks that the cost of breaking the law should be to break up families and traumatize children.

  8. In some cases, Grace, you are right. BUT this does not include jumping the fence into a country without permission AND teaching children to do the same. In the same way,
    these invaders knew to get to the border—they could go to the AMERICAN EMBASSY and apply for permission to enter—even for a work permit (as many Mexicans do to enter Canada). No country would allow such lawlessness. In contrast, if you want to rally for them getting work permits to enter—and after a time —this could result in landed immigrant status, one could support your comment— but not jumping a Border with children in tow, this is platy WRONG.

  9. “Are we Trump’s Jews? ” absolutely not. Trump has his own Jews—his son-in-law —and his grand children. Hurriedly comparing anyone/anything to the Nazi/Nazism is very painful to those Jews who suffered through it. To make comments on this topic one should read about it. Such small books as “the nazis and the occult” by D. Skylar.”; “..Eichman: the banality of evil” byHanah Arendt…Lucy Dawidowicz’s: “The war against the Jews ” etc. Before they are taken out of print in this Orwellian world we now live in. To be glib about this topic is unfortunate as it is a major part of THE BIG PICTURE. All the best in the journey of reality.

  10. Joy, you are so wrong on many fronts. There is no way these Mexicans seeking safety for themselves and their families could safely apply to the Mexican authorities for visas’ to enter the U.S. You are so out of touch with reality quoting the “Big picture.” is a cop out. You use George’s entry to the U.S. as an example but that is comparing apples to oranges, George was not in any danger nor was he trying to escape the tyranny and poverty that these Mexicans are being subjected to. Obviously your ‘big picture’ has many holes in it. I haven’t seen any illegal immigrants being put in handcuffs in Canada. Just where do you live anyway that you know so much about Canada. Just remember, your assumptions and interpretations are subject to error, just like the rest of us…especially when reading Revelation. Billy G.

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