An Alternative to Violence?


Fortunately, in the most vicious stand-off in America since the Civil War, I have noticed no sign of involvement by the violent Antifa movement.

I deplore violence, even in the face of egregious atrocities. Mass violence achieves nothing good. It only creates more violence. And innocent bystanders are victimized.

So when the base of America’s democracy crumbles, when our institutions are undermined, our beliefs mocked and our norms of decency shredded, what can we the people do?

With the court’s specious rubber stamping of Trump’s Muslim travel ban and Congress cowering before him, it seems we can no longer rely on the Constitutional separation of powers to protect us.

Villainy stalks the land. Children are snatched from their parents and confined in secret concentration camps. Long-established laws are brushed aside with disdain.

Trump once suggested that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of Times Square and face no retribution. He might be right.

With the highest court in the land apparently subverted, he could well be above the law.

America’s democratic system seems broken.

There are peaceful demonstrations everywhere of course.  Mainstream media are aghast. There is sure to be an anti-Trump reaction at the ballot box in November.

But will that be enough to curb Trump’s despotic rampage?

Or will the lies and confusion spread by Trump and his gang blunt the electoral response? And will Russia’s hackers once again subvert our democratic process?

What happens if peaceful protest fails, if the electoral system is corrupted? Must we docilely allow Trump to have his way with us?

I still say mass violence is not the answer. But would a nationwide strike be effective? And might a crusade of civil disobedience prevail?

Would we the people have the resolve to stage the kind of passive resistance that won India’s independence from Britain?

Let’s pray we won’t need to find out, that our democracy will somehow withstand this savage assault, that the ballot box will prove an impenetrable defense against Trump’s despotism.

In God we trust, after all.

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12 thoughts on “An Alternative to Violence?

  1. The Left needs to tread carefully with it’s response. Such as stalking gov’t officials and DOXing ICE employees is having an effect on the Right. For example, I’ve recently stumbled on the following rhetoric:

  2. That rhetoric isn’t isolated either. Judging from rhetoric I’ve been finding, things that the Left is doing is fueling paranoia on the Right.


    Before anyone invokes “victim blaming”, I would point out what everyone knows: to make things work usually requires two wires. For most household appliances, there’s a white wire and a black wire. For battery powered devices, there is a red wire and a black wire. Cases that use only one wire still work on the principle of yin and yang, using a form of alternating current. Such is the alchemy of energy.

    However the Left responds, it might be best to avoid energizing a process that might end poorly for ordinary people For example, going outside the law would likely provoke a similar response from the Right. The Left might win, or the right; but most likley most people would not.

  3. (sorry about the weird way of posting, but this platform seems to prevent posting certain things.)

  4. No wonder you are so screwed up Logic Fish, when you read such radical nonsense. And to post it on George’s blog is adding insult to injury. Some gullible feeble minded person might read it and believe it. To believe any of the postings by these theorists is simple minded. People like Rush Limbaugh who became so outrageous was removed from TV and downgraded to radio. Now I never hear anything about him on the media. Maybe he has joined these lunatic theorists underground. In response to George’s blog, I fear for America. If Trump achieves his goal and becomes the Dictator of America, I’m afraid the US is toast! Because the only way to get rid of a dictator is to assassinate him and like Cuba’s Fidel Castro who took over with good intentions he will be subject to the failings of us humans…in that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So if the democrats do not succeed in winning the next election as I said, the mighty USA is toast. Billy G.

  5. Please….get a grip. “Play nicely in the sandbox, children.” I cannot believe what I am reading. A call for revolution and war? We no longer want peace? On one hand, some writers say there is an “alternative to violence” and on the other hand incites the people to exactly that—anger and violence. Can we ALL stop and THINK of the consequence of our words? WORDS CREATE. Name calling is not the way to present one’s opinion. LogicFish is not “screwed up” and a thorough investigation of a subject/topic is a healthy way to search for truth/facts. Enthusiasm is good but hot headed passion can lead to a disaster. Most people (80%) want the same things, namely, health, peace, safety, and our human needs met. We really do not want chaos, destruction —and war. Therefore, it is wise to THINK before we say/do anything. We need to consider that we are not going to live on earth forever, consequently, we OWN nothing—even our breathing we do not own/control as we breathe when we are asleep. We can agree to disagree and find ways to reach a common ground based on a respect for one another. It is our common enemy that drives us to hatred and violence. We can settle our differences without hate and violence. Keep in mind…the “Judas cow…herd mentality…collective thinking” and other tools of the enemy. Be an individual…look at THE BIG PICTURE….. seek wisdom—it is far better than silver and gold AND power, money, and lustfuĺ sex. “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Now, let’s get on with our discussions and the exchange of information and opinions.
    Real love is caring. Nuff said.

  6. “…when you read such radical nonsense.”

    The “radical nonsense” might have appeared out of context because my post might not have become visible all at once. Indeed, this blogging platform seemed to resist my posting so I posted it piecemeal to get around that.

    I’m acquainted with some content to the effect that AI will be increasingly used to implement censorship, so I wonder if I might have been fighting that.

    In any case, the “radical nonsense” wasn’t especially meant in the spirit that it should be believed, but rather in the spirit of “look what I’ve been finding.”

    Even if the “radical nonsense” should not be believed, it is necessarily in circulation and is part of “what’s going on”, as far as that goes.

    People have the right to be informed. An example comes quickly to mind: if people were properly informed, they would not have been shocked by Trump becoming president. Even those that vehemently oppose Trump had the right to be able to see that coming.

  7. P.S., continuing the topic, I’m aware that some of the Right fully expect Communist cadre to begin invading peoples’ homes to implement death lists. That is how shrill some communications have become.

  8. Indeed, LogicFish. Although history reveals that what is happening at the present time has happened before, I have been personally present in two countries when the same strategies have been implemented. I cannot believe that I am witnessing a repeat. Why is it so easy to set humans again one another?

    Like neuraplasticity which has only been recently discovered, emotional intelligence is also recently discovered. Hence, we find those who we would think would never say do certain things do because of their emotional IQ–as opposed to their intelligence IQ.

    Communication is certainly another dynamic to human interpersonal relationship. Let’s consider perfect communication : feelings, intellect, and temperance (FIT). One person makes an intelligent observation and makes a statement.,but the 2nd person receives the statement in their feeling, or temperance (NOT INTELLECT) and because of former experiences or frame of reference from their past —the communication gets misdirected and they are offended’-‘so the communication results in a fight instead of a discussion or exchange of information. This is where the “count to ten” originated. It takes time to think, read, write and speak critically —but we’ll worth it. LogicFish should be commended that he researches and examines all the pros and cons and does an impartial analysis.

    So, today, we have enemies using old strategies.. and a disruption/corruption of communication among people—and the sparks are beginning to fly. It is tragic because except for the demon possesed—humans want the same things (mentioned before).

  9. Joy, you must have misunderstood what I posted. I did not advocate for war or revolution. I only said that IF Trump became the dictator he would like to become, the common way to get a dictator out of power is to assassinate him. No dictator I know of has ever given up his power willingly and unfortunately none has served his country peacefully and well. Billy G.

  10. “Fortunately, in the most vicious stand-off in America since the Civil War, I have noticed no sign of involvement by the violent Antifa movement.”

    “Portland Police declared a riot Saturday after tensions between the right-wing Patriot Prayer group and local anti-fascist activists came to a head and broke out in violence.”

    “Officers seized weapons such as utility knives, clubs and chemical sprays, detaining several protesters early on.”

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