Whose Land is it, Really?

I know I’m treading on dangerous ground today, but nagging questions have been buzzing in my head and I need your help in answering them.

As I understand it, the Spanish stole Texas and California from the ancestors of the indigenous people who are now trying to swarm across America’s southern border. And America acquired Texas and California after those territories kicked out the Spanish.

If this is true, does America have a moral obligation to give special consideration to the indigenous people who occupied the seized territories?

Canada paid its indigenous people huge sums as reparation for taking their land.  Does the US owe reparation to the original occupants of the territories forcefully acquired from Mexico?

And should that reparation include their right to return to the land stolen from them?

I know, I can hear you gasping from here. But that’s only fair, isn’t it?

Instead, we have criminalized and demonized these poor indigenous people, with their brown skin and “foreign” ways. We kidnap and imprison their children – even their babies – when they seek asylum in America.

All of that after illegally and immorally intervening in their sovereign states, helping to create the deadly narcoterrorism from which they are fleeing.

In a land that values “justice for all,” shouldn’t we reexamine our treatment of our Latin American neighbors?

Or am I missing something?

Some answers I found on the web

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14 thoughts on “Whose Land is it, Really?

  1. Yes, dear George, you are missing something. It is this: “ALL THE EARTH IS THE LORD’S And the fullness thereof, the world and they who dwell therein” ( Ps.24:1 ). We humans do not own anything—not even our breath ( Ge:2:7)as we breathe when we are asleep. We have no control over this. In “death” our breath (soul) leaves us and goes back to God to give an account and get our reward. ” blessed are the dead who die in Christ from henceforth; yes, saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their WORKS do follow them ” (Re. 14:13).

    Finally, again…LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE. Start at isaiah 14:13. Others are on my past comments. Vaya con Dios, dear George, whose relative was an archdeacon (do you have his Bible? It would be certain to have many notes)

  2. George, may I remind you that the US committed a greater crime before they started the War crimes against the Middle East.Back in 2008 the program 60 minuets showed what happened to the indigenous people of the island Diego Garcia. That was never settled why would they even consider reparation to the original occupants of the territories forcefully acquired from Mexico? Here is the shocking video most Americans forget.


    One Love, Eddie

  3. That’s easy!

    Canada, the US & Mexico are European style nation states. Following that formula, each nation state controls its territory, including who it authorizes to be there.

    To study indigenous rights that equation, one has only to go to the origin of the European nation state which is Europe.

    In Europe, Europeans are the indigenous people. But that doesn’t mean the Germans can automatically migrate between France and Germany (for exampe). Even if there are ethnic differences between (for example) Frenchmen & Germans, such will probably become ambigous in border regions as people inter-marry and exchange cultures. But, again, that doesn’t mean that (for example) sort-of-Polish-Germans can automatically migrate between Poland and Germany.

    What I just wrote could be obsolete because of the European Union; but it neverthess an operating principle of a European nation state and contrary accommodates come from participating nation state’s agreement to participate in the EU.

    In that sense, there has been no such formal agreement between the US and other nation states, such as Mexico. There has been some content concerning the establishment of a North American union, but as there has not been any formal such agreement, even a partial implementation would be surrupticious, in abrogation of naional sovereignty.

    There are other contrary accommodations. For example, I met a Kurd that told me he can move freely within Kurdestan, which includes parts of Iraq and Iran. Also, it seems that status Indians may freely roam across the Canada/US border being that they are established as indigenous to that region.

    Nevertheless, such accommodations are by agreement and not in contravention of nation state rights or national sovereignty.

    In summary, just being indigenous to the Americas doesn’t mean you get to violate nation state border security nor help to destabilize their politics.

    Incidentally, there seems to be a belief, among the right wing, that crashing the border with immigrants is a Democratic trick to win in the polls. The scam is to immigrate masses of illerate peasants and surrupticously promise them all kinds of goodies in return for voting Democrat.

    Moreover, while many anti-Trumpers fondly repeat that “Hillary won the popular vote” mantra, some on the right (I’m not sure about numbers) seem to believe that those come from states where Democrats already used that trick, in such numbers, as to render that mantra fraudulent.

    While I don’t advocate that point of view, the Left should be well warned of what sentiments are out there.

  4. As of this moment I will cease to try and understand the posts of Joy and Logic Fish. I read somewhere that a little learning is a dangerous thing. As the old saying goes; ‘If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich’ and in this case why are’t you a recognized author and historian???Billy G.

  5. Joy I really think you need to formulate some ideas that are your own if your breath doesn’t even belong to you, a like you claim, perhaps u ought to stockpile it and stop wasting it spouting your abdolute nonsense.

  6. LogicFish, I believe some native people (once referred to as Indians) can freely travel across the US-Canada border.

  7. George : so, can I, and anyone with proper ID and required papers. The Native people have a special card that confirms their NATIVE/INDIGENOUS status from the ministry of Indian affairs. I am sure you can easily find out the truth on this issue.

    As LogicFish tried to point out, even if it is the same piece of earth someone from one country cannot just walk through the border of another country to stay permanently without filing papers to establish residence.

    When I was travelling through Europe, I had to have proof that I was passing through and not intending to just “live there indefinitely. ”

    It is also a fact that anyone from a Canadian company going to a branch of the same company in USA for any reason/time has to get a special permit. Check it out with the embassy.

  8. To Christine Graham: when I give information I am always sure to cite and give the reference WHERE I got the information. You should expect and insist on all writers to do this. This is the proper way to disseminate information. An opinion/personal idea should begin with “in my opinion/my idea is….”

    You may go back and see that my information on “breath/breathe”was properly referenced. Quoting the Scriptures is not “spouting adsolute (sic) nonsense.” Are you an atheist? If so, I understand but do not apologize. If not, then maybe you should read the other statements as they will apply to you—whether you like it or not.

  9. “LogicFish, I believe some native people (once referred to as Indians) can freely travel across the US-Canada border.”

    “Also, it seems that status Indians may freely roam across the Canada/US border being that they are established as indigenous to that region.

    Nevertheless, such accommodations are by agreement and not in contravention of nation state rights or national sovereignty.”


  10. By the way Joy, ‘going down the rabbit hole’ absolutely escapes me.Maybe you can explain??? Billy G.

  11. Well, it’s an allusion to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” It basically means an unknown journey that is strange and complex but is necessary to unravel the truth about bizarre, complex matters.

    You do not know where the journey down the hole will lead but you tenaciously continue to the exclusion of family/friends/colleagues and their opinions. It gets increasingly difficult as one clue /key/piece of information leads to another but you discover/uncover information and make connections untill you see the whole/big picture and not just pieces. It is really “deep research” to uncover hidden and secretive information. Note too, that the hole is deep and narrow—where you journey alone. Not like Dante’s “Divine Comedy” two made that journey.

  12. Indeed,

    “In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

    The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.”


  13. Why should illegals come here? My parent did it the correct way. What was the point, if all you have to do is cross the boarders? Besides, look at the way Mexicans treat Guatemalans when they enter Mexico illegally. In Chicago Blacks have a 30% unemployment rate and 50% of that are Black men. With all this inequality, why should Blacks take the backseat and not be in a position to work? Watch this link:

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