The Price of Liberty

When I see Trump and Putin together, my blood runs cold. The impossible becomes plausible.  Unthinkable horrors flood my imagination.

What if…

It seems most Americans accept democracy as a right guaranteed by some supernatural power. After all, doesn’t the Declaration of Independence say life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are “unalienable” gifts from our Creator?

But democracy is fragile – and rare.

Throughout the world, dictatorships, large and small, are far more common.

Two of the world’s superpowers are dictatorships.  China is a Communist autocracy and Russia is a kleptocracy.

The world’s democracies huddle together under the protection of organizations like NATO. Rip those organizations apart and the individual democracies become vulnerable.

The Baltic states, for example, would be quickly gobbled up by neighboring Russia.- just like the Crimea.

So what does that have to do with the mighty United States?

Think about it. What do Trump and Putin talk about?

You know, of course, that the Russians are America’s longtime adversaries, that they constantly spy on us, contaminate our social media and meddle in our electoral process.

But do you know how Putin came to power? Do you realize how easy it was for him to seize and loot his country after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Are you aware of Putin’s criminal activities throughout the world – including a crowded roster of assassinations?

So why is Trump so eager to form an alliance with Putin? Why is he tearing NATO apart? Why is he attacking the world’s democracies and praising dictators?

Now consider Trump’s track record. Have you read abut his sleazy financial deals and his reported links to the Mafia and the international  mob?

Do you know how he and his family game the system to line their pockets now that he is president?

Do you remember his “joke” about becoming president for life like China’s Xi Jinping?

Why am I not laughing?

As I consider the current assault on domestic liberties, the stacking of the Supreme Court, the degradation of the FBI and the relentless sabotage of the criminal justice system, I fear there must be some kind of devil’s bargain between the far right and Putin’s international mob.

And Thomas Jefferson’s warning echoes in my head:

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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6 thoughts on “The Price of Liberty

  1. “知者不言,言者不知。”
    (He who says does not know and he who knows does not say.)

  2. Considering what the US has done against duly elected governments around the world including Honduras by the Obama administration which today finds hundreds of immigrants at the border, coups to remove them and the “hacking” and buying of elections engaged in by the US over the last 74 years of the Forever Wars, including “hacking” the first elections in the former Soviet Union in favor of gangster capitalists (which has resulted in Putin), for any nation not to try to find out what US is doing or short circuiting the crimes perpetrated by the “indispensable nation” would be treasonous…
    Not sure that when US history has been taken into account. American taxpayers have spent hundreds of billions of dollars influencing foreign governments so they conform to American interests.If what the Russians were doing in the last election is wrong in principle then what America has been doing to other countries is wrong. When rule of law is the principle and justice is blind then no matter what country interferes with another sovereign country’s election – it is wrong.Just amazing that Trump asked the Russians on July 27, 2016 to hack Hillary’s emails and hours later it was done.Special counsel Robert Mueller has now brought 191 criminal charges against 32 people and 3 companies. I’m starting to think this long wait will be well worth it.
    One Love, Eddie

  3. I hope it’s not too early to jump to conclusions Eddie. But your news gave me a much needed lift. It would be sooo .nice to see Trump behind bars. As for you Logic Fish, if you are insinuating that George does not know because he is ‘saying’ in his blog and you are not ‘saying’ although you ‘know’, you can stick your comments up your tail. It is my opinion George that Trump is doing everything he can to make himself the dictator of the U.S.A. and if he succeeds we are all in trouble. Billy G.

  4. Bill there are more indictments to come.Mueller’s work has proceeded in the standard fashion of RICO. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.He is going after the criminal organizations.A major investigation conducted by the Financial Times reveals how shady Russian cash flowed through the financial of President Donald Trump’s Toronto hotel — and, ultimately, back to the president himself.This guy Trump is so involved in mob crimes, he will be locked up.

    One Love, Eddie

  5. Hooray!! Praise the Lord.He(Trump)has always been able to buy himself out of criminal and immoral situations but “every day, bucket goes to well, one day the bottom will drop out.” Billy G.

  6. We get out the vote and have everyone do their civic duty in November. Trump will not be impeached, e willnot go to jail, bt maybe we can make it so that he resigns because it isn’t fun anymore

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