The Case for Anger


I believe in friendly debate, without rancor or personal animosity. But sometimes, the issues being debated become so personal that emotional involvement is unavoidable.

I don’t see, for example, how you and I could unemotionally debate the failure of the current Congress to fulfill its obligation to the US Constitution.

We would be discussing an issue that critically impacts my family’s welfare and my grandsons’ legacy.

And that’s personal.

The Republicans who dominate this Congress will forever be remembered as the most shameless collection of toadies in America’s history.

Consider, for example, their pitifully obvious attempts to shield the president from exposure and prosecution, their failure to oppose his dangerous relationship with Putin, their dereliction of duty in allowing the kidnapping and imprisonment of helpless babies – and the many other abuses of power of which this president is so blatantly guilty.

So why do I care? What does all this political claptrap have to do with me?

Well, it not only offends my sense of right and wrong, it creates a hostile environment and conjures up a frightening future for me and my family.

I feel threatened by the president’s persistent demonizing of immigrants like me, his agitation of white resentment and racist rage – and the rest of his dangerous demagoguery.

At such a time, don’t expect me to be amicable – or even impersonal – if you defend this Congress and this president.

I am angered by their outrageous disregard for everything that makes America a wonderful country for my wife and me to enjoy and for my children and grandchildren to inherit.

I am angered by the perceived threat to our personal freedoms, to my American citizenship – even possibly to my life and to the lives of my loved ones.

Surely, you must understand that your arguments  would just make me angrier, not persuade me.

You know the old saying:

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

Not just of the same opinion but even more stubbornly committed to defending that opinion. And defending it emotionally, not just intellectually.

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11 thoughts on “The Case for Anger

  1. I had intentions to respond to When Honor is Missing but the world cup started so why not just take a break from Trump and the fools that love him and be in-touch with a real world were honor and love still exist.World Cup ended today and it was really lovely to watch the French and Croatian leader thanking and hugging their players with respect, which one hardly see these days in the US. George I hope this won’t make you angrier but lets face it, this is really what the US has become. Video below explains it all.
    Rev. Traci Blackmon is telling a chilling history of our country.

    One Love, Eddie

  2. Your comment and video do not make me angry, Eddie, they make me sad. Every word you and that reverend lady say is true. But I find solace in the fact that the Founding Fathers acknowledged improvement would be necessary and that we should strive for perfection, knowing it is beyond our reach, as part of our governing philosophy. We are currently enduring a period of severe regression, and dark clouds have formed on the horizon. This is not the time to abandon the American ideal because of the many failures of the past. This is the time to defend what we have, however flimsy, and strive to leave a better republic for our children and grandchildren.

  3. “I am angered by the perceived threat to our personal freedoms, to my American citizenship – even possibly to my life and to the lives of my loved ones.”

    “American citizenship”? Sounds like our gentle blogger is documented.

    “The Nazis seized power by turning the Germans against the Jews. Trump seems to be targeting immigrants to seize power in America.”

    Our gentle blogger seems worried that he and his family will imminently be rounded up by the gestapo for deportation or worse.

    Is he in earnest or in jest ?

  4. Is this the story being referred to?

    “The targets are people who have already been rejected from the US, but who create a new identity to gain citizenship afterward.

    ‘Nobody who obtained US citizenship by deliberately assuming a false identity will be surprised to learn they are being referred to the Justice Department for removal proceedings,’ said USCIS spokesman Michael Bars. ‘USCIS screens for deliberate acts of fraud relating to the use of false identities.’ ”

    “A report years earlier that had similar findings led to the formation of Operation Janus early during the Obama administration, an effort that is still resulting in denaturalizations today.”

    ‘ “That was already happening before this administration. …So, it begs the question, why the sudden new and, especially public, focus?” ‘

  5. gwgraeme on July 16, 2018 at 8:42 am said:

    “Are you a Russian agent, LogicFish?”


    “Or just a gadfly”

    Must be the gadfly

    “provoking me with elaborate”

    All I did was look for a story that would be a likely source for the video Eddie posted. That doesn’t seem very elaborate.


    Then I quoted from it directly and left a link to it. There doesn’t seem to much room for sophistry there.

  6. LogicFish, it seems to me that you are deliberately trying to anger George Graham with your inane ditherings and nit pickings . If you find this blog to be distasteful to you, don’t read it! Seems pretty simple to me. Actually I find your arguments to make no sense what-so-ever. Blogs are personal opinions of current affairs and happenings put together by the writer after much research and thought. Billy G.

  7. “…it seems to me that you are deliberately trying to anger George Graham…”

    When I wrote “Must be the gadfly”, that was only meant spirit or irony. Of course I don’t mean to anger anyone.

  8. I am glad to see that you are at anger and not despair. Let us try to keep our ability to be angry with evil and not just become resigned to it.

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