The Question Before Us


So Trump has left no doubt about his loyalty to Putin and his disloyalty to America. Some are calling it treason.

And Americans are left facing the most vital question of our time:

What do we do now?

What should we do? What can we do? What must we do?

We must do something.

With the midterm elections less than four months away, we face the imminent threat of even more destructive Russian meddling.

Bots and paid provocateurs are already at work, poisoning social media and spreading propaganda. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, an army of professional hackers has been deployed to infiltrate and subvert our electoral system.

And Trump has signaled that he will do nothing to protect our democracy.

So it seems frighteningly possible that we will not be able to rely on the polls to reflect the will of the people.

Where does that leave us?

It seems obvious to me that we the people must resist. As Mahatma Gandhi said, civil disobedience is our sacred duty at times like this.  And Thomas Jefferson called for even more violent resistance, proclaiming that:

Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.

Let us hope our sacred duty does not call us to violence. Let us first use every peaceful means at our disposal to stem this swelling tide of tyranny.

L:et us show our elected representatives by our words and our actions that Trump has to go. And that he has to go now.

Before it is too late.

A question of treason

What the pundits are saying

What the people are saying

11 thoughts on “The Question Before Us

  1. No Janice, it is NOT obvious at all why you do not support Gandhi or Jefferson. What is obvious is your support of Trump by casting your throw-away vote to some one who has no chance what-so-ever of winning. All that does is lessen the chance of the Democrats winning this very vital election. Can anyone imagine how much information that traitor (Trump)can divulge to Putin? Seems to me that would be the act of a traitor. We stand at the brink of a very real catastrophe. Trump is alienating all our friends and allies and supporting communism. His aim of course is to become a dictator and rule America. Billy G.

  2. I am a unique person, which is why I always have receipts to back up anything I say. Gandhi Hated Black People:

    Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder. Sally Hemming’s was a 13 year old slave that he impregnated 8 times. Am I lying?

    No sane Black person should be a Democrat. They use them and take their votes for granted.

    8 years for Trump

  3. Billy, Billy, may I remind you Trump supporters are mostly uneducated, less affluent voters. When Trump voters get their news from Facebook, U/tube, and social websites that are not reliable sources, it is not difficult for them to believe and swallow the ignorance that Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood were killing Black People.You have to be more open minded and accept that this will always be their opinion nothing you present can change their minds.In fact, I have found Trump supporters has nothing to do with race, income levels but by their authoritarianism. They are just like Trump. They respond aggressively to outsiders, hate being corrected especially when they feel threatened they become loud, pretty soon they try to threaten you with violence because they cannot help themselves so best to leave them alone.. Their Brains are Fikkle.
    One Love, Eddie

  4. “…hate being corrected especially when they feel threatened they become loud, pretty soon they try to threaten you with violence because they cannot help themselves so best to leave them alone”

    “but holding on to the Old Testament”

    Then this is from the Old Testament:

    “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.”

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