Serving the Afflicted


If those kidnapped refugee children are ever reunited with their parents, it won’t be because of Ice Queen Kirstjen Nielsen (photo) or heartless apparatchik Alex Azar . It will be groups like Catholic Charities we have to thank.

These privately funded groups – and an army of volunteers – are working day and night behind the scenes to identify and unite the families torn apart by Trump’s grotesque immigration mandate.

I don’t know about all of the activist groups doing this complex and time consuming job, but I know a little about Catholic Charities. I wrote a feature article about them long ago, when I worked for the Tampa Tribune.

As a newspaper reporter, I was obliged to stick to the facts in that article. I couldn’t let my emotions or opinions show. But I have more license in this blog to reveal my feelings, so I can tell you those folks won my heart. They were magnificent.

Their mission was to serve the shamelessly exploited immigrant families who toil in Central Florida’s strawberry fields.

Those nuns not only  baby sat the children as both parents spent every daylight hour squatting in the blistering sunshine,  trying to earn a few dollars.  They also taught those kids their ABC’s, fed them when they were hungry and nursed them lovingly when they were sick or hurt.

Meanwhile, a priest helped the immigrant parents navigate America’s daunting immigration maze, protecting them from a soulless bureaucracy and reuniting wives and husbands cruelly parted by the US-Mexico border.

These missionaries were nothing like the obnoxious zealots who give religion a bad name. They were true Christians, feeding the hungry, healing the sick and providing succor to the vulnerable and oppressed.

And I, for one, am grateful for the work they do, often unacknowledged and sometimes even vilified.

People like these reinforce my faith and keep me from surrendering to despair. May God bless them and give them the strength to carry on.

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6 thoughts on “Serving the Afflicted

  1. No gun was placed at the head of these people. Why would you come here or send your children here without any support? No Black can go to these Arabs countries or Mexico and demand anything. If you want to see some bigotry, go to a Black neighborhood and see how these Arabs and Koreans treat Blacks. Charity begins at home. Let work on the unemployment in Black areas, since all the jobs are being shipped out these communities. If you come to a country, do it legally. My parents did it the legal way. Mom didn’t have an anchor baby or over stay her visa. I won’t fall for the big con:

  2. I had hoped for better from you, Janice. Your comments and links are becoming more racist, more self serving as time passes. You seem to be falling for the worst kind of pro-Trump propaganda. I urge you to rethink your position.

  3. I had mention some time back that some us needed therapy possible anger or some man issues.Suggested listening to some good reggae music as to focusing on rap hate music that called each other niggers.Quiet yourself with soft music,instrumental and nature sounds without words seem to work best.
    I believe when we listen to the wrong crowd day in day out about being Black in the end you get properly screwed. George I believe some of your blogs brings out that anger that is deeply hidden inside her but sadly there is no one there to catch her in the anger process.She will tell you she does not feel any anger but the sooner she finds a anger specialist the better person she may become.
    One Love, Eddie

  4. Janice, you sound as if you think all blacks live in ghettos, well I can assure you that a great many of them get an education, and become lawyers, doctors and many other professions and careers. Yes, there is still a lot of racism but the immigrants are where they want to be, America, land of opportunity and they rise above the hardships, instead of crying the blues and blaming everyone but themselves. What have you done with your life? do you live in the Ghetto? I don’t think so! Look at the children of immigrants, they have taken advantage of the opportunities, got an education and to a large extent, have homes, jobs, and careers. The people that George wrote about slaving in the hot sun did so to send their kids to school, so that they could have a better life than they had. People that do or sell drugs think only of themselves. The black Muslims slinking about wearing dark glasses and preaching hatred against whites are just as bad as the white racists who they denigrate. Billy G.

  5. AS nice as the are in Polk, in Texas they work against abortion and birth control. Catholic charities has a big problem in that they are Catholic

  6. If credible forecasts materialize, uneducated immigrants have the potential, even the probability, of becoming economic and social zombies, vulnerable to coercion by plutocratic interests. Such forecasts are that AI will render fully half of Americans unemployable within the next several years.

    Less educated and skilled workers will likely prove more susceptible, and more vulnerable to control by virtue of dependence on social assistance. For example, here is an article of a nascient Canadian social scoring system:

    Even Canadians largely unaware of that because of combination of economic independence and democratic process provides enough protection to make Canadians too complacent. At present, there is no way to compel Canadians (or Americans) to paticipate.

    However, the Chinese example shows where that goes when (under Communism) everyting is ultimately the government (hence there is no meaningful economic independence) and there is little meaningful recourse to democratic protection. The following articles and videos are about that:

    Essentially, uneducated people (including uneducated immigrants) will be vulnerable to such abuse for the following reasons:

    + Economic dependence on social assistance.
    + The prevelence of Malthusian doctrine will seek to impose austerity upon them to prevent “inferior” people from uncontrolled breeding and consumption of resources. While this is politically incorrect, too many people really think that way.
    + Those that remain economically viable will be amicable to the idea that the economically less deserving are just that.

    The result could be a zombie army under plutocratic command, forced to vote and demonstrate in alignment with plutocratic interests.

    That scenario would indeed be antithetical to the spirit of independence and democracy that makes America what it is today.

    “Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the system.”

    “The other story is the classic, from the Old Testement, about the Golden Calf. When Moses went absent, seeking God’s commandments, the people made a golden calf.

    I’ve actually been reading about the “AI god”. Such an AI god will be another gold calf, or perhaps a silicon one.

    This desire, for an AI god, derives from an old ambition to achieve utopia through a perfectly rational society.”

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