Strong Man Never Wrong?


Growing up in Jamaica, I often heard the saying, “Strong man never wrong.” It was a reflection of the society of the times.

Jamaica was a colony in which white colonists and British civil servants called the shots. The black majority had no say. They were expected to do as they were told, treat “their betters” with respect and keep their complaints to themselves.

I recall with distaste autocratic civil servants who ran the government, arrogant bullies who owned the plantations, rapacious merchants who dominated the economy and prejudiced bankers who preferentially served the “ruling class” without pretense or shame.

Even the law enforcement and criminal justice systems tended to favor the colonial “upper crust.”

Not everyone in the colonial class “took advantage,” of course. There were well meaning public servants, benevolent “property” owners and honest merchants and bankers.

But the advantage was there to be taken.

This type of oppression could not continue. Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley emerged to challenge the status quo. There were strikes and riots. The British overlords finally yielded to the pressure, and Jamaica won its independence.

With independence came democracy. And I am sure – with all its shortcomings – their democracy is precious to Jamaicans today.

So you can imagine my horror when I realize that many Americans do not value democracy. They are apparently hankering for a “strong man” society like the one Jamaicans rejected.

They want a boss like the one on the Apprentice TV show, a tyrannical bully who delights in firing underlings.

And I wonder,if they really know what they’re yearning for.

In America, they say, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”

And as a Jamaican transplanted to America, I say, “Amen!”

US democracy under fire

11 thoughts on “Strong Man Never Wrong?

  1. Jamaica is now a neocolonial country. The only thing we own are flags (made in China) and iconic symbols. For all you diasporans, I hope you are supporting an organization to help the island for we are now at the mercy of the World Bank and IMF. It is hard to believe that in the 70s Jamaican dollar was stronger than the US. It is sad to see how well Singapore is doing better than us considering the fact it is our blueprint (Robert Lightbourn) that Le Kewon You is using. Despite our differences, our commonality is that we are all Jamaicans – Black, White and Brown. Let’s help the island in any way possible and I don’t mean two barrels at Christmas time.

  2. “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone — and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions…”

    P.S., during that time, I was in the presence of Obama supporters who that didn’t seem to bother at all. In fact, they seemed rather pleased at how strong and authoritarian that sounded.

  3. Franklin Graham tells Evangelicals to lay off President Trump or God won’t be happy.Belief and hope are what politicians and other con artists (such as religious preachers) use to fool people so easily,people who want to remain childlike and do not want to face reality, which describes most of America. Trump has become the strong man never wrong who is their Jesus.
    “suffer the putzy grabbers to come unto me and I will cleans their tiny, little fingers”
    2nd Corruptsonians 4:23

    One Love, Eddie

  4. ILLogicFish, Obama was using executive orders to get America going again. You seem to forget the mess America was in when he took over from George W. Bush. Wall St. was bankrupt, there was a housing crisis and the big #3 auto industry was going belly up. This was a time of emergency and time was of the essence.Not to forget America was in a war and Bin Laden was raging hell and could not be found, until President Obama located him hiding in Pakistan and skillfully had him executed. So as my Dad used to say, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it!” Something else you are forgetting Fish, is that the Labor party of Jamaica at that time was nothing like the Republicans of Trump and his mean spirited cronies. As a matter of fact they were the ones who formed the Trade Union of Jamaica designed to assist the working class. Billy G.

  5. “Wall St. was bankrupt, there was a housing crisis and the big #3 auto industry was going belly up. ”

    At the time, the Obama supporters didn’t make any apologies like that. Nor did they say the rest of the quote, which includes the following:

    “…that move the ball forward in helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible…”

    No, they simply, enthusiastically repeated, “I’ve got a phone and I’ve got a pen”, as if savoring how powerful that sounded.

    My point is, they didn’t seem to mind a strong-man as long is it was theirs.

  6. As an Obama supporter I never said that, so watch your generalizations. Eddie, I love your quote. Trump is such an embarrassing bully.

  7. Thanks Grace, I should have left this link for those to read.Honestly LogicFish is a strong supporter of Trump and the Republican party so it is no surprise he will find all the excuses to support Trump.Maybe if Logic Fish could look more at policies by both parties and have a better understanding of what the political sides are trying to do to help Americans ( I call it Common Sense ) he is being just a Hypocrite.
    One Love, Eddie

  8. “Let’s help the island in any way possible and I don’t mean two barrels at Christmas time.”

    “The victims were executed in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons, and elsewhere. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers imprisoned during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, and the rest were Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be ‘intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials, and priests’ ”

    Some might find it convenient to hold their feet on Jamaica’s neck. And others (who shall remain nameless because it’s obvious) may have neo-colonial ambitions.

    Such interests might deal with interlopers in a routine manner.

  9. “LogicFish is a strong supporter of Trump and the Republican party”

    That’s an overstatement.

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