Death of the Dollar

dollar_bills.jpgI recall reading a book entitled The Dime Dollar several decades ago. It predicted back then the demise of the US dollar. The author seems to have been proven right, although it took a while. As the US government and people continue to spend what they do not have, it’s only a matter of time before no none wants to accept the dollar. Don’t be surprised if we’re dealing in euros in just a few years. Of course, things could turn around but it’s not likely. We are too locked into the destructive patterns of spending and consumption.

Other countries are beginning to look attractive to Americans contemplating gloomier days ahead for the US. Oh, the companies may do well but the average wage earner is already feeling the pinch of rising inflation and health care costs. People in the US whose parents were born overseas–especially in Europe–may claim EU citizenship based on parentage. And some are finding the life style and pace of life more attractive there. They may have more stuff in America but many would quickly trade some of that stuff for more vacation time and a better social safety net.

3 thoughts on “Death of the Dollar

  1. What is the matter with not only the U.S. government but the average American family? What is their economic condition? They spend money they don’t have and they borrow. … Where do they get so much cash? How can they buy such fancy cars and big TVs and all this fancy furniture and all these things they’ve got? How can they afford it? They can’t afford it! They buy it on credit. And they’re all in debt up to their ears.

    Rich people have borrowed themselves into debts that they can never repay! Poor people the same. Middle class people the same. So if the slightest little thing gets out of balance or goes off in any way, the whole thing crashes like a bunch of dominoes! And who do you suppose can jerk the rug out and make it happen so that everybody loses everything, including the government, and can’t pay? Everybody loses but the ones who loanedthe money and now own everything! They loaned the money on the house, now they own the house. They loaned the money on the car, now they own the car. They loaned the money on the property, now they own the property! They loaned the money on the business, now they own the business. They loaned the money on the industry, now they own the industry! They loaned the money to the government and now they own the government! Those are the facts; that’s how it works!

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