At Last Obama is Acting Like a President

It took him a while but the American President has finally got the message: Republicans aren’t going to help him run the country; they are only interested in getting in his way. So he is doing what he should’ve been doing all along – he’s going it alone.

After an eye opening experience with their obstructionism on health care reform legislation, Obama has apparently decided enough is enough. Now, he is getting the nation’s work done without pausing to coax them along.

A recent example of his new attitude is his recess appointment of 15 nominees to run various government departments. The Republicans have been using every trick in the book to block his appointments so he waited for Congress to be in recess then made a flock of appointments by executive order.

For the list of appointees, click:

As you might expect, the Republicans are crying foul even though that’s exactly what George W. Bush did when he was President.

All I can say to the Republicans is cry me a river. And to the new President Obama, I say bravo! I’ve been waiting for this new approach for a long, frustrating year.

2 thoughts on “At Last Obama is Acting Like a President

  1. Yes, thank goodness things are getting better up there. Down here, I’m having bad dreams already about Bill McCollum. What a chilling and embarrassing setback potentially looms ahead for our state.

  2. I wish we could have a country, or a world, in which Obamas olive branch made the other side want to work with him. I think it is always the right approach but it seems there is nothing constructive to offer from the other side and so I am pleased as well that he is getting tough.

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