A Clear and Present Danger


Obviously, one response to Trump’s dismaying behavior would be to elect a Democratic Congress in 2018 and send him packing in 2020. But the burning question is:

Can we afford to wait that long?

Increasingly, we hear warnings of Trump’s “instability.” Increasingly, he acts with unrestrained malice toward others and with no apparent grasp of the likely consequences of his actions

“I hate everyone in the White House,” he proclaims in one of his rages.

Does he also hate everyone in America? In the world?

It seems so.

Trump’s rhetoric stokes the smoldering hatreds that afflict society. He singles out ethnic, religious and sexual minorities for attack and encourages the abuse of women.

And his actions are even more dangerous than his words.

With malevolent glee, he pursues policies designed to cause pain and even death to other people – dismantling America’s healthcare system, unleashing polluters to destroy the environment, even provoking a global nuclear war.

How long can this continue? Will he snap tomorrow? The day after? Next week?

And are we prepared to take a chance that he won’t snap – at least for the next few years?

With stakes this high, dare we take that gamble?

Surely, the possibilities – the probabilities – are  too frightening to contemplate.  This crisis transcends politics. This is no time for partisan tactics. This is the time for Democrats and Republicans to act together to protect America – and the world – from a clear and present danger.

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3 thoughts on “A Clear and Present Danger

  1. It is getting to me, I can’t handle the stress anymore. Everyday he takes something else away. Health care, NOA,, safety. He is creating chaos and he is chaos and he is not nice nor same and will do anything for attention. I hope he strokes out.

  2. Each day I get more confident that Trump will be locked up and thrown out of office.I am being very patient but will be first to toast and celebrate when that day comes.Journalist are slowly exposing this criminal. Grace I found MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Shows Damning Montage of Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Folks this disrespectful man has to go to jail.


    One Love, Eddie

  3. So what’s the hold up? Isn’t it clear that he is mentally unstable? What is Congress and the Powers that be waiting for? Are they waiting for the first bomb to fly? Just look at that picture…Isn’t that the portrait of a lunatic? Billy G.

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