Pity Roy Moore’s Wife

As the shameful revelations of Roy Moore’s past continue to snowball, I can’t help feeling sorry for his wife, Kayla (pictured with her husband).

In fact, I feel sorry for all the wives and girlfriends of the myriad celebrities and politicians being shamed by women who accuse them of sexual assault.

Some of the men being shamed surprise me. Who would’ve suspected George H. W. Bush of being a groper?

Moore, of course, isn’t just a groper. He’s accused of being a pedophile. And that’s as low as anyone can sink.

But I bet Kayla didn’t know that when she said, “I do.”

We men can look so earnest and trustworthy. But looks, as I’m sure you know, can be deceptive.

What’s a girl to do when her guy pops the question? Demand an affidavit of some kind? Have him checked out by a detective agency?

You know she isn’t going to do that when she has stars in her eyes and he’s pouring honeyed words into her ear.

She can only hope that she’s getting one of the good guys.

And when she finds out she did not?

Kayla, for one, is choosing denial.

Not her Roy, she insists. He would never do anything like that. It’s a witch hunt. Obviously, his accusers were paid by those wicked liberals. Didn’t they malign President Trump, too?

Kayla has apparently convinced herself that her man is innocent. She is gathering evidence to prove it, she says.

And she asks the good people of Alabama to pray for him.

I think they should pray for Kayla. What could she possibly have done to deserve a husband like Roy Moore?

Kayla’s appeal

The horrible reality

The blight is widespread

3 thoughts on “Pity Roy Moore’s Wife

  1. I don’t know if I’d use the words “being shamed” by women. Women are slowly starting to speak out…when they finally feel brave enough to do so…typically after someone else has spoken out…but I agree with you on this…Kayla is in denial.

  2. Pray for him of course, that’s what Christians are supposed to but elect him to help run the country??? I don’t think so, no way Jose’!!! Some people change and others have made dumb mistakes they regret to their dying day BUT listen you guys, you made one molester and groper your President, isn’t that enough?? huh?? Actually it’s too bad we did away with the stocks in the middle of the town square. Wouldn’t it be fitting to be able to call him names and throw rotten tomatoes & eggs at him?? But I guess I’m just dreaming, y’all elected Trump as your leader so what’s another sexual predator or two to call the shots? I know that there are some good Republicans who do not condone such behavior and there are those who are being verbal about it But you have to unite, get together and stop this mud slide, it’s stinking to high heaven already! Billy G.

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