The Threat of Wedge Issues


If we really examine our hearts, I doubt that any of us likes abortion. It’s a sad subject, with delicate implications that vary from case to case.

Obviously, there are logical arguments on both sides of the issue, and those who take the arguments to militant extremes are making mischief.

This kind of disagreement should not be a political football. To me, it’s a matter of religious belief, not public policy. And I was heartened when the majority of Alabama’s traditionally conservative voters chose pro-choice Democrat Doug Jones as their senator.

I hope this shows a trend away from single-issue voting.

It seems odd that so many Republicans want the government out of their lives but insist that Washington should tell others what to do with their bodies. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t base my political choices on that single issue.

It’s unfortunate that politics has become a culture war, often obscuring important economic and social issues.

Tricksters use cultural wedge issues like abortion to win support for ruinous economic policies and rampant social injustice.

Such horrors as “white supremacy” have gained political traction by being linked to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

Also, in this kind of environment, the cynics who manipulate our democracy are getting away with robbery – looting the public purse to enrich a privileged upper class while working Americans sink deeper and deeper into financial quicksand.

And it’s not just us. Future generations are endangered by these looters, too, as the national debt spirals out of control.

Surely, as responsible citizens, we need to put our personal convictions aside sometimes in the interest of the common good?

It’s not an easy choice. We all have core beliefs that are precious to us. And we do not all share the same religious and ethical convictions. But the time has come to weigh our political choices carefully. The path we’re on now will lead inevitably to the social and economic collapse of our great democracy.

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4 thoughts on “The Threat of Wedge Issues

  1. Many Republicans are realizing that the Republican party of today is NOT the Republican party of yesterday. With the advent of Trump legalizing, so to speak, filthy language, blatant lies and gross behavior, the party has descended into a deep and dark cesspool. BUT there are some who refuse to sell their souls. We know who they are and they can stand tall and hold their heads high. Billy G.


    It’s highly likely that most people reading this don’t consider that their problem because they consider themselves better that people who suffer from a more obvious mental disability.

    According to technology visionaries, artificial intelligence will make half of human employment obsolete within several years. Statistically, that occupational outcome will potentially apply to half of everyone reading this, discounting retirement, disability and other such factors.

    To do this, AI doesn’t need to replace human genius, but only routine applications of human intelligence — enough to replace humans in fifty percent of employment.

    It’s also probable that human occupations, that contain a mix of routine and special intelligence will be re-engineered to concentrate special intelligence into fewer jobs to maximize the effect of AI to reduce human employment and reduce the total cost.

    A likely result will be an employment landscape in which fifty percent of people will find themselves in the same situation that “less abled” people find themselves today: they’ll be in the position of having to justify their expense to society.

    My last post contained Conservative accounts of a “baby parts” industry juxtaposed wih Liberal accounts of the same story, but referring to “fetal tissues”.

    It will be interesting to see what euphemisms will be applied to the obsolete workforce, i.e., fifty percent of he people reading this.

  3. I agree. It is so counter-productive to risk the country’s health and wellbeing on a private personal choice.

  4. Great legislation to pass this tax…. and thanks to the demoRats for not helping one bit….0 votes from the leftists… Time to get a damn job and earn a living instead of being told what to do by the filth on the laft!

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