Is That How They Talk?

If you haven’t heard about Michael Wolff’s book describing life in Trump’s White House, you are surely going to. It’s being hailed as a “blockbuster.”

Yet I didn’t find out anything essentially new about Trump from the avalanche of press reports.

I already knew that Trump is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I already knew he ran for the presidency to lay the foundation for a money making scheme. I already suspected winning was the farthest thing from his mind.

And I long ago came to my own conclusions about his association with Russian hackers and money launderers.

What brought me up short was the way people in the White House talk. According to Wolff (photo), they use surprisingly candid language.

Is that really how influential people discuss matters of state? Do they really refer to one another as a “piece of tail”?

I realize the “f word” is used a lot these days – especially in big cities like DC. But I didn’t expect a press magnate to refer to the head of state as a”f—ing idiot.”

I had thought the Anthony Scaramucci interview in the New Yorker was the exception. After all, who actually talks like that in a media interview? But the president’s former communications director seems to be  just one of the corwd when it comes to gutter talk.

Is this just an American phenomenon? Or is it a global trend?

I doubt that’s how political leaders talk in – say – the UK.

Can you imagine the British prime minister saying Queen Elizabeth is “dumb as a brick”? Or advising her to hire “a son of a bitch” to run her palaces?

I know I’m old and out of touch, but what about you? Are you surprised? Shocked? Titillated? Amused?

As for me, I find it quite sad.

Excerpt from Wolff’s book

The Scaeamucci interview

An example from the book

3 thoughts on “Is That How They Talk?

  1. Sad indeed, the thin veneer of civilization has been stripped away by coarse thugs and evil monsters following the example of the President of America, Donald Trump. The only ray of sunshine are women who are coming out in full force against men with money and power who think they have the right to rape and/or abuse women at their pleasure and convenience. The general thinking in America and seeping into Canada are; Well Trump isn’t so bad, he’s making money for me in the stock market. To hell with the millions of poor people who will lose their health coverage and other means of assistance as long as they we get a few pennies from the billions dollars filling the pockets of the very rich. Times are changing as more and more people care more about money than anything else on earth. Billy G.

  2. It was a confirmation of how stupid they all are and how somehow Russia has put us in such danger, by pushing this thug, this low level made man into power.

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