Feeling the Contempt


I can understand why CNN’s Anderson Cooper (lower photo)  had to fight back tears as he defended Haiti after Trump (top photo) described it as a “s—hole country.” Haiti has been through more than its share of horrors and deserves sympathy not contempt.

But Trump’s disdain is not restricted to Haiti. He included El Salvador and parts of Africa in his disgusting designation.

It’s what you might expect from a man like Trump. He is the kind of American who feels contempt for other cultures.  I’m sure you have met this kind of person.

I know I have.

When I worked for American companies in Jamaica, some of my American colleagues often expressed derision for Jamaican ways. It was not done with malice but jokingly, sometimes affectionately. But it betrayed a deep-seated belief in the superiority of Americans and their ways.

That’s the kind of guy Trump is. And I suspect that kind of guy comprises much of his base.

Obviously, Trump and his followers don’t want people from the Third World in America. At a meeting on immigration reform this week, the president expressed a desire to encourage more immigration from Norway and Asia but wondered “why are we having all these people from s—hole countries come here.”

As a Jamaican immigrant who long ago swore allegiance to the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, I am deeply disappointed. I was inspired to become a citizen by the sentiments in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and other proclamations of what I believed were American values.

I was eager to embrace those values, and I assumed that as a true believer, I would be welcome in America.

Now, after all these years, I wonder.

Trump’s contemptuous comment

Anderson Cooper’s response

7 thoughts on “Feeling the Contempt

  1. What do they expect from him? He is a dotard and is not used to governing his tongue. This is how he feels and with him if this is how he feels, how can it possibly be the wrong thing to say? His words are like pearls thrown before swine. What an embarrassment he is to the nation.

  2. This is fake news. Let me count the ways:

    1. Trump has denied using the vulgar language. Then why hasn’t a witness come forward to challenge his denial ? Much of the (emotional) substance of the story is disputed.

    2. The reported vulgarity is commonplace and not worthy of the footprint it’s had in the news cycle. Many people would say, “so what? I hear expressions like that all the time.”

    3. It’s also hardly news. Trump campaigned on an America-first plaform. In the immigration context, that would mean accepting immigrants that have the most potential to help the country. While that’s not kind, the story does not deserve the news cycle it’s had because of its neglibible information value.

    4. It’s displaced more deserving news that is of more genuine interest to ordinary Americans. For example, Twitter employees have been exposed, on hidden camera, admitting how they censor Twitter content, and talking about the ambition to improve the sophistication of their censorship.


  3. P.S.,

    5. Grandstanding and virtue signaling is something other than news. When it fills the news cycle, that might be called “fake news”.

    Some such fake news is like finding a single feather and trying to make it into a multi-course meal of Peking duck.

  4. to LogicFish, Your logic is indeed fishy! Number one: That Trump has denied using vulgar language means nothing as he is a pathological liar. He even lies when his lies can be instantly and easily proven to be lies. 2 ; Vulgarity may indeed be commonplace among the Americans you mix with BUT it is not expected from the President or those in the White House 3; Many immigrants from Africa and other Nations other than so called white have earned gold medals for America in the Olympics and have excelled in other fields of notoriety. 4; Americans deserve to be informed of the actions of their President and he is the one who chose Twitter. and 5; When ordinary working class reporters cover the news they have nothing to gain or lose, they are just doing their job. Unfortunately there are people who prefer to listen to theorists who invent stories bordering on outright lies or twisted semi truths. That my friend is the real fake news. Billy G.

  5. Trump’s detractors would love to instantly prove his denial a lie. If it hasn’t been, that might say something.

    Arguing about that news item is arguing about something foggy at best. And that’s being kind. In my last post, I made the analogy of making a multi-course duck dinner out of a single feather. Well, that’s assuming there was even a feather and that the whole thing isn’t made up out of nothing.

    Even one of my points rested on assumptions about what the feather might have been, if there was one.

    This is so fake, there’s no way to know what any argument is even about.

    Incidentally, the Washington Post presumably got that information from “sources”. Who’s to say that the information is in Trump’s own words, and not the source’s ? And how can be be sure just how much distortion was introduced by second hand accounts?

    What’s the use of arguing over a game of broken telephone ?

  6. P.S.,

    Some people try to insinuate that Trump is an embarassment; but I’d like to point out that this is an occasion where the Washington Post embarassed the United States and impaired its foreign policy.

    Even assuming that the vulgarity was true, it was confined to the meeting. Taking it outside had negligible value to the American public compared to the damage it did as an act of treason. Given the Washington Post’s willingness to engage in treason, why would anyone assume that they would be above lying as well ?

    Old time people have a different word for that type of “reporting”. It is called “gossip”. And trying portray such gossip, as news, is just plainly “fake news” that belongs in so-called “gossip rags.”

    If I were American, I would cancel my subscription. Who has time to read junk like that ?

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