Making America “Great”


Trump’s America is fantastic. Jobs aplenty. A soaring stock market. Freedom from red tape. Hardly any taxes. ISIS on the run. Even “clean coal”!

And he’s just getting started.

Coming soon: brand new roads and bridges, global domination, bipartisan legislation, impregnable military might, incredible trade deals… and more.

(He didn’t mention a chicken in every pot but with their bulging 401(k) portfolios, Americans will be able to afford that, too.)

There’s a snake in Trump’s Garden of Eden, though.


Taking jobs from true-blue Americans, who are all heroic and noble, performing acts of valor on the battlefield, saving children from wildfires, maintaining law and order, risking their lives to round up illegal aliens …


Looting, raping, killing decent, native-born Americans. Members of the dreaded  MS 13 gang posing as Dreamers. Trump keeps deporting them – “thousands and thousands of them” – but more keep pouring over the porous Mexican border.

Gotta build that wall!

Gotta have immigration reform, too. The kind of reform that will make America great again. And racially correct. No more “chain immigration.” Just highly skilled, healthy, English-speaking immigrants (from the right countries) to improve the breed.

It was quite a show, that State of the Union speech. Deftly designed to press all the right hot buttons and fire up the base. You have to hand it to Trump. He knows how to set Americans against each other while pretending to call for national unity.

I bet his base is celebrating this morning.

As for the rest of us, who cares? Certainly not Trump. We  probably don’t respect the flag or stand for the National Anthem. Heck, we probably don’t even pray to the right God.

The speech – fantasy vs. reality

5 thoughts on “Making America “Great”

  1. I mentioned these links before:

    While it seems unlikely that artificial intelligence (AI) can replace the flower of human genius within our lifetimes, it seems more likely that it will be able to replace “routine applications of human intelligence.” That equates to most jobs. Indeed, unless a person is particularly intelligent or gifted, such a person’s employment will not be economical. Such a person will be obsolete.

    What will become of imigrants are not such gifted people? Is America in the business of importing people willie-nilly just to dump them welfare ? What effect would that have on America’s economy and politics ?

  2. I couldn’t watch, but on behalf of immigrants everywhere, we make this country great already. It’s people like you who make it stink.

  3. P.S., as I reflect on this, the giant python in the room might be the deficit. Trump’s speech gushed over tax cuts and gov’t spending, which usually add up to deficits.

    There’s been an idea that tax cuts increase productivity so that a lower percentage of tax, levied upon a larger economy actually results in more tax revenue. That was a feature of so-called “Reaganomics”.

    The giant python is how significant that feature will be, and what the long term risk is.

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