What Trump’s Faithful Hear


As the Mueller probe digs up increasingly incriminating dirt on Trump and his minions, the right-wing media concoct ever-more fantastic fantasies to feed his faithful followers.

Here’s a sample from an article my nephew Chris sent me this morning:

This year could turn out to be the defining year for the United States. It is clear that the US military/security complex and the Democratic Party aided by their media vassals intend to purge Donald Trump from the presidency. One of the open conspirators declared the other day that we have to get rid of Trump now before he wins reelection in a landslide.

It is now a known fact that Russiagate is a conspiracy of the military/security complex, Obama regime, Democratic National Committee and presstitute media to destroy President Trump.

I know, you probably  think this is somebody’s sophomoric attempt at satire. Or the work of a Russian bot.

But it is attributed to Paul Craig Roberts of the Institute for Political Economy, and he is described in Wikipedia as an “American economist, journalist, blogger, conspiracy theorist and former civil servant.”

Wikipedia says he was Reagan’s assistant secretary pf the treasury. And he is sometimes refered to as “the father of Reaganomics.”

Reaganomics has turned out to be wrong, but it isn’t lunacy.

So what happened to this guy? Did he lose his mind? He sounds dangerously paranoid to me. Or is it just old age?

But he is not alone. Far from it. Conspiracy theorists abound. And they attract legions of followers.

What’s with these people? Are they so bored by reality that they yearn for something – anything –  more diverting? Do they prefer palatable lies to the unpleasant taste of reality?

Beats me. But as long as they exist, we will get the likes of Paul Craig Roberts.

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11 thoughts on “What Trump’s Faithful Hear

  1. George, I believe if you read a couple of Paul Craig Roberts articles you might find that he shares many of your beliefs.Paul is not afraid to speak out against injustice even if it is, America that is doing the injustice. He will openly criticize Republicans and Democrats alike. He often talks about the corruption Establishments of both parties that is making America a banana republic.His articles sometimes appear in the Consortiumnews.com started by Robert Parry that died last Christmas.He defends Ronald Reagan but blames his policies ineffective due to the greedy establishment of the Capitalist in the Republican party.Many things he writes about I can see his side as he explains the other side of the story and seeing that I too am not a believer of Guns and Wars. As they say there is always two or three sides to a story and I find Oliver Stone, Chris Hedges, Nick Turse , Robert Parry and others with their research and detective journalism a joy to read.
    One Love, Eddie

  2. Paul Craig Roberts may be all you say he is Eddie, but he is way off base when he conjures up some conspiracy driving the Mueller investigation. I am certainly not involved in any conspiracy and I am convinced that Trump is a money laundering thug who betrayed his country to get elected. Of course removing Trump won’t do the country much good because Pence is a doctrinaire right-winger with dangerously intolerant ideas. And behind Pence, you have Ryan (ugh!) as the next in line of succession to the presidency. The only solution to the country’s woes – as I see it – is to vote the Republicans out and keep them out.

  3. There was a conspiracy of right wings who met in secret and who have plotted the take over of the country by any means necessary. It started over 40 years ago and they have won. All they need to do is solidify their power. If we do not stop it we will lose this country

  4. 1.
    Logicfish, I believe Grace is referring to the movement initiated by U.S. Supreme Court justice Lewis Powell to a neighbor who was active in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It is credited with triggering the resurgence of conservatism in America through development of think tanks, cooption of academia and so on.
    If the theory presented in your video is right, Logicfish, how do you explain America’s persistent Old Testament ideology when compared with the “Marxist” policies in Western Europe and Canada?
    As I see it, Marxism is a mathematical equation (thesis, antithesis, synthesis), not a prescription for living. For the most valid prescription for living, I recommend the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)

  5. While that Powell Memo seems to receive too much credit, it looks like “my” video explains much more than the memo does. Indeed, the video even seems to explain the memo itself, to the extent that the video mentions Herbert Marcuse, and then so does the memo. The memo seems to be a reaction to the activities alleged in the video.

    But here is some more conspiracy:






    Does that still hold relevance, even after all these millenia ? Yet there are humans that are still participants in that same conspiracy. This could the be the manifesto of one such example:


    One will notice that, towards the end, that manifesto even explains itself in the language of Genesis

    For reference:



    There are very humans that would partake in that conspiracy once they understand what it’s really about (even though some people seem to flirt with it that ought to know better).

    That’s why those participants must tear down and destroy other cultures — to force others to accept theirs.

    Does that explain enough ?

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