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10th Anniversary Montreal International Reggae Festival 8/14 – 8/16


Don’t be sad if you weren’t able to make it to Montego Bay for Sumfest this year, because Montreal International Reggae Festival (MIRF) is right around the corner!

Friday night, August 16th, features “the royal family of reggae” Morgan Heritage, performing their album, Here Comes the King. They also performed at the first production of MIRF.

Saturday night, August 17th, dubbed Dancehall Night, includes Mr. Vegas, who is known for his hits like Hot Wuk, and my personal favorite, Tek Wey Yuself.   Kes (The Band) featuring brothers Kees, Hans and John Dieffenthaller from Trinidad and Tobego, Beenie man, Tifa, and  Mr. Boombastic himself, platinum-selling artist Shaggy, will be performing!

Sunday night is International Night with a roster that includes stalwarts YellowmanCocoa T and Freddie McGregor – all of whom have been creating memorable reggae tracks for more than 40 years. Head of the Big Ship label for about 25 years, Freddie McGregor recently released a new album, Freddie McGregorDi Captain that includes several reggae classics re-visited.

Committed to the overarching theme “United Against Violence”, this year’s program continues to advance the reggae story with performers from all generations.  MIRF President, Eric Blagrove said, “We are pleased with our track record of bringing thousands of audiences together under the Reggae music banner and this year promises to be even greater as French and English; beginners and veterans perform styles that even go beyond the norms of fundamental reggae.”

As is customary the ambiance at the Old Port will be festive with: activities for children; Caribbean and other cuisine; artisan displays and vendors of all sorts.

More information is available on the MIRF website – http://montrealinternationalreggaefestival.com

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