George Graham

Fantasy and Grim Reality


Yesterday, I shared  Trump’s rosy view of the state of our nation. Of course it was pure fantasy. Today, we’ll look at the grim reality.

Taxes, for example. Trump and his minions didn’t lower taxes for you and me. Their lavish tax cut was a huge giveaway to billionaires and global corporations with a few  crumbs for some of the peasants. But those crumbs won’t last. They vanish down the road.

And we the people are going to be paying for that tax cut for generations as the National Debt balloons.

As for those jobs Trump mentioned, he had nothing to do with providing them. They are the legacy of the economic recovery triggered by President Obama’s policies.

Trump’s vision of the future is as misleading as his rose colored view of the present.

Those new roads and bridges, for example. I’m sure you knew there would be a catch. It turns out to be a  privatization scam designed to enrich Trump’s pals on Wall Street. Once again, America’s taxpayers will be left holding the bag.

You and I know Trump wouldn’t do anything for us. His promises are just spin. His real mission is to fill his pockets and the pockets of his billionaire buddies. One way of doing this is by privatizing everything from Social Security to veterans care – even our water supply.

And when you hear him talk about “clean coal,” you know you’re being flimflammed. Trump has no idea what “cleanmeans. He is turning the looters loose on our environment, leaving a wasteland for future generations.

Even more depressing, Trump’s sugar coated fantasy includes the thinly disguised specter of racism. You’ll recall that he conjured up the frightening prospect of marauding immigrant hordes in his speech. He was setting the scene for a”white” America immigration plan that’s now in Congress.

As scary as that is, there’s even more ominous clouds on the horizon. Trump used his speech to take another verbal swipe at North Korea, signaling the looming possibility of a nuclear war.

The real state of the union under Trump?  I would call it terrifying.

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