5 Easy steps to starting a kid’s book club

Summer vacay is merely days away.  I’m looking forward to it probably as much as my 7  year old son.  No lunches to make, no mad rush in the mornings through the traffic to get to school and not as much taxi duty for me!  Hallelujah!! Even though I am embracing the relaxed mode of summer holidays for my son, I am committed to preventing the “Summer slide”.  In a previous post, I spoke about getting your children to read during the lazy days of summer.

One of the ideas suggested was joining a book club.  This is a great way to make reading fun air jordan retro 6.  If done right, your children will look forward to reading their books so they can attend the book club fun days.  With creativity and these 5 steps, there should be tons of reading fun this summer.

  1. Decide on the book club members- It can be friends, schoolmates or even some new friends similar in age.  Ask your friends to bring a friend if your numbers are small.  I think a group of about 5 is a good number.  Not too big where it becomes hard to control, and small enough so all are involved.
  2. Logistics-Decide how often the group will meet.  Usually once a month is good.  Make up a schedule of who will host each meeting and rotate homes.
  3. Choose the book-There are several great children’s books around, ask friends  for suggestions.’s suggested books are categorized by age and grade hand- chosen on several criteria. Check it out here, it is quite extensive.  While these are great, remember to expose your children to works by Jamaican and Caribbean authors.  We have great talent on our shores who do a fabulous job telling our story.   I am a huge fan of the Little Lion series by Kellie Magnus and children love the music in Reggae Pickney’s Shaggy Parrot. Click here to enter for a chance to win a free copy.  Stay tuned for a second installment from Reggae Pickney this summer 2011.  Depending on their age, learning about money with Money Basics For Kids is also a great option.  Let the children have input in the choice.  (Minimize all possible excuses for not reading)
  4. Questions– The host can think up a few questions to start the discussion and move it along nike air max for cheap.  Some could be: Who was you favourite character? Why? Did you learn anything ?  What would you do if that were you?  What was you favourite part? etc.
  5. Fun activity-Decide on an activity to do after you talk about the book new balance ml574.  Maybe a craft that goes with the theme of the book.  They could come dressed as their favourite character or they could act out a scene.  The options are just limited to your (or your child’s)  imagination.

Remember to keep these gatherings FUN! Not too structured or strict.

If you try these 5 Easy steps to starting a book club, I would love to hear if it worked for you.  Just drop me a line in the Comments below.  Anything else you do to keep your children reading over the summer?  Would love to hear about it!

Happy reading!

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