9/1 – Jamaica’s Day of Infamy

The Tragic Kendal Scene

September 1, 1957 will be a day that will live in infamy for Jamaica. On this tragic day over 250 precious souls lost their lives in the Kendal train crash.
You may ask why do we want to remember such an awful event?

Remembering and memorials offer us a multitude of benefits.

We get to remember a life and what contribution they make to our living.

Memorials allow us to focus our grieving.

Reverent remembering impregnates us with hopeful meaning.

Memorials allow us to understand our loss and under gird our faith, and give us a future hope of reuniting someday.

Thus When we forget the past we lose an important anchor of our humanity, the actions, and heroes of the salient moment.

So It is my distinct privilege to welcome to our conversation Ms. Beverley East. She is Graphologist / Forensic Document Examiner / Corporate Trainer / Author of the most authoritative book on this tragic event, the Reapers of Soul.

Beverley East, Authority on the Kendal Crash

For Ms. East, this is more than history, it’s very personal. She lost 14 members of her family in this tragedy. Her personal perseverance in capturing the history of this event in a readily accessible format is commendable.

Listen to her reflect on this the 53 rd. anniversary of this event.

Listen carefully to the reading of the known names of the departed.

Let your reflection lead you to a heart commitment, a commitment that will spur ideas on how best to formalize the memory of Kendal.

What are your ideas on how to honor the memory of this tragedy?

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