9/11…God Still Perform Miracles…

Like many of you I will never forget where I was the morning of 9/11. Each year on that day I vividly remember listening to the news live on the radio when the first plane hit. I called my wife to tell her a plane hit the tower. She recalls my exclamation when as we are trying to comprehend the first plane….”Hole ahn deh, Dem just seh annada plane lick de other tower”. This day will be ecthed in our minds for ever. One of my daughters said “Even if you have Alzheimer’s you will still remember it”.

During the tributes and commemorations of yesterday we were reminded that God still performs miracles. I am not sure how many of you were following the story of the football (American style) player, Kevin Everett, who was injured during a NFL game on Sunday. The doctors gave him no chance of walking again. I am sure I heard there is a 99% chance he would never walk. Well late yesterday evening there was word that he moved his arms and legs. The doctors were shocked. I think from time to time God reminds us that he is still there even on a day when we remember somber things. Yesterday was on of those days…We just have to see these miracles

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