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Ugly Blast from the Past


It’s been a long, long time since I heard anyone protest that some of their best friends are Jews.

But what else would you expect from Roy Moore’s wife?

The Moores are relics from an ugly past, when white supremacy was taken for granted and Jews were often shunned. Yes Jews.

Now, Jews are usually accepted as part of the “white” upper crust. It’s Hispanics and African-Americans (and anyone who might be a Muslim) who still bear the brunt of discrimination. And to a less virulent extent, Asians.

But everything about Roy Moore is a blast from the past.

From the ugliest kind of past. The kind of past that’s reflected in such alt-right media outlets as Steve Bannon’s “Breitbart News.” The kind of past that Trump and his allies are trying to bring back.

Moore’s wife Kayla felt called upon to reassure Alabama voters last night that “one of our attorneys is a Jew” and that their “close friends” include Jews. Even rabbis.

Moore had declared recently that George Soros, the liberal mega-donor despised by America’s alt-right, is gong to Hell because of his Jewish religion. So, I guess Kayla was trying to walk that back.

But surely, only the most gullible of Alabama’s electorate would fall for her lame protest.

Moore’s racism is well established. So is his pedophilia. His bigotry. His hypocrisy. His disregard for human rights. His disrespect of women. His contempt for the law of the land.

If the voters in Alabama choose him as their US senator, they will be aligning themselves with the very worst of an America that has been mercifully fading into history.

They will be signaling a shameful retreat from moral enlightenment, tolerance and decency, and evoking the memory of a nightmare in which trees in the South bore strange fruit and signs in shop windows proclaimed “no Jews or dogs allowed.”

Kayla Moore’s remarks

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