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A Dreary Campaign



Today Wisconsin Republicans are making their choice for the party’s presidential candidate, and according to party bigwig Lindsay Graham, it’s like choosing to be shot or poisoned.

They must choose between Donald Trump, a blustering braggart without a brain, and Ted Cruz, a venomous snake without a heart.

Meanwhile, the Democrats face a choice that’s like deciding between chocolate ice cream and cherry pie for dessert. Hillary Clinton is a brilliant pragmatist who obviously has the skills to make a great president. Bernie Sanders is an idealistic visionary who wants to level the playing field for all Americans.

Will the Wisconsin voters who troop to the polls today really make a difference? I doubt it.

This dreary, exasperating campaign is all theater, all meaningless.

In the end, it will be business as usual. Republicans across the land will vote Republican. Democrats will vote Democrat. Independents will be more or less evenly divided between the two major parties.

That is if they vote at all. Most Americans don’t. Less than a third of the electorate showed up at the polls last time.

And no, Donald Trump will not be the Republican candidate. The party brass will make sure of that one way or another.

And Bernie Sanders will not be the Democrats’ choice. The party brass has already lined up behind Hillary.

But the charade will go on… and on… and on…

I suppose the media need a song and dance to boost their ratings. And the money from those campaign ads is great for their corporate owners’ bottom line.

But as for the public, we are weary of the fray. November can’t get here soon enough for us.

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Lindsay Graham’s view.

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