George Graham

A Dreary Election

Is it just the rainy weather we’re having in Central Florida that’s making me depressed? Or is this the dreariest American election ever? Another day another Koch Brothers outrage – apparently they’re flooding North Carolina with false voter-registration mailings to confuse voters. Surely, by now nobody opens campaign mail? I throw mine in the recycling bin without a second glance.  Don’t you?

If you still don’t know who you’re voting for and why, you probably aren’t voting.

It seems everything that can be said has been said, and every lie that can be invented has been aired.

But that doesn’t stop the hucksters repeating their sales pitches or the liars lying their heads off. The airwaves and our mailboxes are full of their handiwork.

And let’s not forget the dirty tricks. Blatant voter suppression is the latest trend and the courts are giving it their blessing. If you’re a minority or anyone else who usually votes Democrat, you will probably have to go to a lot of extra trouble to exercise your franchise in November. But surely you know that by now. And surely you’re taking steps to work around the voter suppression laws. It’s the price of liberty, right? Eternal vigilance?

And the begging!

My in-basket is full of emails demanding contributions for one campaign or another. Some are pleading. Some are aggressive. Some try to shame me into sending them money.

Is there no dignity left in politics?

I have sent a few dollars, and I refuse to be bullied or cajoled into sending more. I am offended by the tone of those emails.

.Even if I had planned to contribute, this avalanche of supplication has turned me off.

I know, I am being selfish and petulant. Think about the good of the country, you say.  Think about the deep pockets of the Republican donors. Think about the consequences of this election. Think about the horrors that would result from a Republican victory.

You’re right as usual. But even if they win, they will have only two years to wreak havoc, and after that Americans will surely be ready to throw them out for good. A victory in November could give them enough rope to hang themselves.

The pundits are already obsessing over 2016. The hot news is that Hillary is a grandmother.  And one TV personality was heard speculating that baby Charlotte is weighing the possibility of a presidential run in 2036.

By then American elections might become more inspiring.

We can always hope.

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