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A Grotesque Confession




In bars, barracks and boardrooms – wherever men assemble today – they will be talking about one thing. Not just in America but all over the world. And I can just hear the raucous laughter.

But that scandalous Trump video is no joke.

It’s not just the video’s gross vulgarity, it’s the person it reveals. Look, I know we all have heard those words. They’re commonplace enough that we recognize them even when they’re bleeped out or represented by asterisks (or by cats, as the Daily News did).

But what’s horrific about the video is the offhand confession it contains. To Donald Trump, it’s obviously acceptable to commit indecent assault, to force intimacy on strangers, to be a woman’s worst nightmare.

Yes guys, I know this might come as a shock to some of you, but women do not enjoy being aggressively “groped” – especially by strangers.

Trump obviously is unaware of this. He thinks women should accept, even welcome, his indecent and illegal behavior as affectionate playfulness.

It would be sad and worrying if Trump had made his lewd comments as a young rake. But it’s even more depressing that the video was made when he was almost 60 years old.

How could he be so immature at that advanced age? Has he learned nothing during all his time on earth?

This man who would be President, who would be leader of the free world, is a frat boy still at heart, a locker room troll, who regards women as objects to be appraised, exploited and assaulted at will.

There’s not much hope that Trump will change now. At 70, he is on the dark side of the mountain and can only hope for forgiveness. But the publicity this grotesque video has inspired might provide an occasion for reflection in families around the world.

This could be an opportunity for parents to caution their sons against growing up like Donald Trump – and to advise their daughters to avoid men like him at all costs.

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