A Happy New Year from MooretalkJa and….Spice man still want har

Blessings to you and yours and welcome to 2014

or as i call it 2000 and Mo(o)re -teen

me soon mek a post bout di resolutions but before dat gwaan….let me re-introduce you to spice

“me nuh see di gyal weh fi beat me yeeeettt.”

bet yu lorde never tink a deso har song a go end up
lekka tell yu summn
say what yu want bout spice but she nah mek a month pass and she nuh put SUMMN pon wax
and please note she have superior breath control caw she a drop we pon di busta rhymes kinda speed
gwaan yah Spice
and mek dem know every single song, yu man waan yu!


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just a toops a caylissniss fi start di year right

be good to others

be good to you!

About the author


Carla Moore is a Jamaican geek, mongrel dawg lover, and general mout-a-massey from the Jamaican countryside. When she nuh inna dance a faas inna people business she can be found trying to do di people dem school work, bigging up Jamaica all over, or pon smaddy stage sumweh a nuff up harself. She fight fi wah fi fight fah and love all.