A portriat like this in Washington is just COOL

The portrait of the late New York Rep. Shirley Chisholm hanging in Capitol Hill in Washington
When I think of Capitol Hill I think of uptight politician and expect the same of their portraits. This portrait of the late New York Rep. Shirley Chisholm, by artist Kadir Nelson, was unveiling on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 3, 2009. It was the 40th anniversary of her swearing in as a member of the House of Representatives. In 1968 she was the first black woman elected to Congress. She is born of parents from Barbados and her first husband, Conrad Chisholm, was Jamaican. In the later stages of her life Bill Clinton had appointed her Ambassador to Jamaica but she withdrew due to health reasons.

Okay..enough on the history. I just think this portrait is cool. It looks like something you would see on a graffiti wall in “Good times” or “Shaft”.

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