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A Question of Race

trump-pepeOne of the principal driving forces behind the Trump phenomenon has been exposed for what it is – the fear that some ethnically European Americans have of losing their privileged place in society. This is not just an American phenomenon; it is occurring throughout the western world.

In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, western nations colonized vast areas of the globe, and western traders plundered the wealth of the colonized countries.

Through the horror of slavery, western oligarchs stole even the people from other lands and forced them to work for nothing under unspeakably wretched conditions.

Somehow, this barbarous behavior created a culture in which the offenders were held in high esteem and the victims were held in contempt.

In science, a bogus discipline called eugenics emerged to justify the perverse notion of “white superiority.” It seeks to show that “white” people inherit “superior” genes to non-whites.

To their credit, the majority of white Americans and Europeans have come to recognize the need for cultural reform. And over the decades, American and European societies have evolved into a more rational acceptance of diversity.

But not everyone in these predominantly white cultures welcomed the change. Some people resent it and even actively oppose it.

Such a group is America’s Alt Right, which has repeatedly expressed support for the Trump candidacy.

They may be masquerading under a different name, but this is still just a gray-flannel-suit version of movements like the KKK and neo-Nazis, which have lurked in the shadows of American politics for generations.

They don’t use the traditional terms associated with “white supremacy.” Eugenics has become “human biodiversity,” and a white supremacist is now an “identitarian.” But the underlying principles are the same.

Trump has recruited an Alt Right leader as his “campaign CEO,” and the group recently reiterated its support for Trump in a Washington DC news conference.(Trump has not rejected their support. Far from it. See his tweet (above) with him as the movement’s mascot, Pepe the frog.)

Obviously, the shameful notion of race based politics has become mainstream once again, despite – and perhaps partly because of – the election and reelection of America’s first black President.

And it is not just an American movement; it is global.

If ever there was a time for decent human beings to raise their voices – and cast their votes – against unmitigated evil, this has to be the time.

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