George Graham

A Story Worth Passing On

Some stories strike a chord in listeners and get passed on. Here’s one story that deserves to make the rounds:

Jean Lowrie-Chin, one of my favorite columnists, repeated this story in The Jamaica Observer today in a discussion of an address by the brilliant Jamaican historian Dr. Carlton Davis. Here’s an excerpt from her column:

“At …. Holy Cross Church last week, Father Don Chambers told us the story of a retiring builder whose boss asked him to use his great skills to make a special house. The man grumbled about this new task, so close to his departure, and did a shoddy job. When it was completed, his boss handed him a key and said, ‘This is your house, a gift from the company.’ Father Don warned us that we must be very careful of the society we are building, as we are the very ones who will have to live in it.”

As I listen to the spite, misrepresentations and sheer mischief spewing from American media during this election season, I wish that Father Don were here to share his wise words with the people who are privileged to have access to U.S. voters’ ears and eyes.


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