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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness? Not Today!

Sometimes I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness. Or like that tree falling in the forest – soundlessly.

But today I feel that I am being heard.

I received an invitation from a group called Democracy for America to participate in a survey on how best they could support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

They asked whether they should:

  • Run an aggressive campaign asking regular citizens to run for Congress (I voted yes)
  • Run a “pledge to shop local” campaign for next week’s upcoming Black Friday (I voted no because I think that would be a waste of money; people will go where the bargains are)
  • Support direct actions at major banks like sit-ins, picket lines, or move our money (I voted yes because I think we ordinary folk should put our money in a credit union or community bank, not in some financial juggernaut)
  • Organize 99% house parties to plan their strategy (I voted yes)
  • Organize food banks and other community service projects to help the 99% (of course I voted yes)

The survey included space for my own suggestions. Here’s what I wrote:

Despite the subversive activities of right-wing activists backed by huge amounts of money, America is still a democracy. But urgent action is needed to save the system. Perhaps the most critical is counteracting voter suppression laws. Help voters get the identification they will need to register, help them register, help them understand the issues, help them get to the polls not only on election day but also in the primaries.

 The recent Ohio elections show that the people can win if they get out and knock on doors. The pro-union activists knocked on a million doors, and the anti-union forces spent millions of dollars. The pro-union activists won.

 Where are the liberal lawyers? They need to rally to the defense of the thousands being arrested for exercising their civil rights. Get hold of as many lawyers willing to donate their talents and time as you can.

I feel a lot better now. Someone with some clout has heard what I have to say.

Of course, it could be a ruse to get me to donate to their cause, but I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Democracy for America is a reputable organization. Perhaps they won’t just throw my responses in the trash. Perhaps I will make a difference after all.

(Click here for information about them)

Here’s a link you can click if you want to take the survey:



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