George Graham

Abandoning Sick Kids

It s becoming clear to me that the Republicans controlling Congress aren’t merely misguided but deliberately evil.

They are cutting off medical aid to millions of sick kids just in time for Christmas.

Obviously chagrined over their failure to kill Obamacare, they are letting the Children’s Health Insurance Program die.

The program, which was introduced by Ted Kennedy in 1997, expired on Sept. 30. and has not been refunded. States are notifying the nine million children receiving care that they are about to be cut off.

That’s right. Nine million kids, many in the midst of life saving treatment. And thousands of expectant mothers, as well

The program is designed to help low-income families that earn too much for Medicaid.

While they force through legislation slashing taxes for global corporations and billionaires at the expense of the rest of us, these cold-hearted politicians are leaving poor children to die.

It’s time for us to intervene. It’s time for the American public to let Congress know we’ve had enough. We cannot turn our backs on these kids.

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