About That “Spiralling” Suicide Rate…

First, I must say that this in no way seeks to diminish the gravity of the situation in Jamaica, as it relates to suicide. But as always, every issue must be assessed with the right perspective.

The overall sense is that our fellow Jamaicans are over-stressed, but has it reached epidemic proportions?

Info below:

depressionSuicides 2006

Male – 43
Female – 5
Total – 48

Suicides 2007

Male – 46
Female – 4
Total – 50

Suicides 2008

Male – 41
Female – 6
Total – 47

Suicides 2009

Male – 52
Female – 4
Total – 56

Suicides 2010

Male – 24
Female – 4
Total – 28

Suicides 2011

Male – 15
Female – 5
Total – 20

As things stand, we are on our way to having just under 60 suicides this year, which is right in line with the average of the last five (5) years (with the exception of 2010, which for some strange reason seems to have been a happy year for us). While we still encourage individuals contemplating suicide, or suffering from depression, to seek help or counselling, we also caution against hysterics that suggest that this problem has mushroomed in the past few months.

On another note, why is it that our males are eliminating themselves at about ten (10) times the rate of women?? Could this be further proof that women are just simply stronger than their counterparts?

And let me just advise the JCF that there are two “methods of suicide” that I don’t see EVER being employed in Jamaica – 1. Disembowelled self & 2. Set self on fire (WTH?! How do you disembowel yourself???)

Thanks to the Jamaica Constabulary Force Statistics Division for their kind assistance. (Great, professional service!)

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