Air Jamaica revamping again…Who really pays the price?…Is this a band aid?

As many of you may already know Air Jamaica is revamping it’s schedule to cut costs.  I was a bit surprised when I read they were removing Atlanta from the schedule. With the growing Jamaican population in Atlanta I thought it would be a profitable route. I received emails from friends who live there. They are upset. That brings me to my first question. Every Jamaican is very nationalistic about Air Jamaica. I don’t know any Jamaican who thinks it is wrong for the government to subsidize Air Jamaica’s losses each year. Do we care that the taxpayers living in Jamaica not Jamaican who live abroad are paying for these losses? There are reports that show that between 1994 thru 2005 the airline has lost approximately $920 million. That is almost $1 billion dollars. Would that money be better spent somewhere else? Is the revamp just another band aid? The government is moving to a $30 million cap on subsidizing Air Jamaica.  I think if you are planning a subsidy then you know there is no real solution? I love the idea of us having a national airline. Even though they are sometimes late I love the way I am treated on Air Jamaica. The question is am I really paying a price for my love?

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