Am I the voice of middle class white America?

It’s about 2 weeks since I last wrote anything on US politics. The last time I wrote about politics I said I agreed with Clinton that  the giving Obama a “pillow”. Well they certainly took it away. I did get a few emails and comments about the post and why am I criticizing Obama. I sense the tone is if you are a black man you should not criticize Obama.  In an earlier post I mentioned I don’t play the party lines. I don’t believe because I am black I must be a Democrat. I consider myself an independent thinker. If the person can do the job they get my vote. Ok, enough of my rambling…This week I had a conversation with a close black American friend. We discuss politics all the time. During our conversation I talked about many issues including Clinton destroying the Democratic party to gain power and McCain travelling to Iraq and not knowing that Iran is Shiite. We then started to discuss the Obama pastor issue and my feelings that it may never go away. He disagreed but then he made a statement that was really interesting. He said he could always come to me to hear the point of view of the White middle class Americans. I asked him why he believed this. He stated he could always come to me get an idea about what white America thinks about any issue on all the presidential candidates, especially Obama.

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