George Graham

America – Changed Forever?

America has survived the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency but the country may have changed forever.

All pretense of decency, brotherhood and public service has been ripped away and the nation stands revealed for what it has become – a disparate collection of competing special interests.

Obviously, “we the people” no longer believe in the “common good.” And we have come to accept the same cynical selfishness from our politicians.

The nation seems resigned to the harsh reality that politicians are in politics for their own gain, not to make America or the world better.

Trump has demonstrated how modern American politics works.

He is using the presidency – without dissembling or apologizing – to make money for himself and his family. And he is shamelessly pandering to the worst instincts of the American people to maintain his power base.

And he is getting away with it.

In the process, incalculable damage is being done to the country and the world. The environment is being trashed deliberately and malevolently. Global cooperation is being mocked, and bullying has replaced diplomacy. Even the prospect of nuclear war is no longer treated with respect.

As for concepts like the brotherhood of human beings, those are totally discarded. In the era of Trump, it’s everyone for himself or herself, and the Devil take anyone foolish or weak enough to be left behind.

So how can we blame Barack Obama for accepting a $400,000 speaking fee? It’s the new America, folks, where people in power are allowed to use their positions for personal gain without even bothering to hide it.

In this post-ethics age, conflicts of interest are routinely ignored. Apparently, this kind of behavior is not just accepted but expected.

Now, it’s take the money and lie about it.  And give the idiots who support you bumper stickers instead of bread. Use their prejudices to control them. Say anything they want to hear and do whatever makes you richer and more powerful.

In such a world, what motivation is there for young people to serve their society – or even vote?

In the wake of these disastrous 100 days, I shudder to think of the horrors ahead.

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