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America’s Sanity Test



After watching both party conventions on TV, I am convinced that this election is a test of America’s sanity.

The Republicans were frothing-at-the-mouth crazy, screaming for Hillary’s blood.

The Democrats were emotionally appealing and intellectually compelling.

Their convention was as warm and fuzzy as a Hallmark movie. But it was more than that. It was a showcase for progressive ideas and common-sense proposals to make America an even greater country – for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

And it wasn’t just a Democratic convention. It was a convention for decent, responsible Americans of any  – or no – party.

Mike Bloomberg (photo above) is no Democrat. Leon Panetta is no Democrat.  But they are decent, responsible Americans. And they left no doubt about their choice for President.

It was not Donald Trump.

The question I have is whether the electorate is in any mood to listen to decent, responsible Americans.

Even at the otherwise decorous Democratic convention, some Bernie supporters insisted on  displaying how rudely ignorant people can behave.

Trump’s base is also “the poorly educated.” How do you reason with “the poorly educated”?

They are not only uninformed and disinformed, they are also enraged. They want a scapegoat for their perceived wrongs. And they might not have the mental capacity to see how self destructive their revolt could be.

They might perceive the decency and common sense apparent at the Democratic convention as just more of the same sweet talk from the hated “elite.”

They might still vote for Donald Trump.

The rest of us can only pray that there will be  more decent, responsible voters than enraged rebels in November’s election.

Signs at the convention in Philadelphia declared that “love trumps hate.”  Let’s pray that decency and sanity will trump blind rage.

Bloomberg’s speech

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