And the SI Sportsman of the year is……….

One of the rituals of the end of the year is award announcements.  Last week we noted Bolt winning the IAAF award. However, within the US, the situation seem to be different. I think Mike Phelps is a very gifted person, however Usain Bolt from a US, objective perspective is not getting equal acknowledgment for his larger than life achievements.  Over the past week, several awards within the US bears this out.

On Tuesday, Phelps was chosen as sportsman of the year.  Bolt was nominated by SI writer Tim Layden. Read the essay submitted by Tim regarding Bolt

Let us take a leading role in voicing our opinion on this issue.

Go to: SI reactions

And be heard.

The fashion magazine also chose their men of the year.  Phelps and Obama led the list of 49.  However, Bolt was not considered!

Let your voice be heard here also.

Go to : GQ Awards

I have sent an email, and got  a curt response.

Finally, the language training company Rosetta Stone just endorsed Phelps to pitch their product around speed, quick learning.

Rosetta Stone site

Give me a break!  Let Bolt have the international market.  He  can certainly pitch patois.

When our combined voices are heard, the chorus may just have an influence on future decision makers.

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