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A Bloody Blow – by Russia?

The way I see it, Russian saboteurs dealt another vicious blow to America yesterday as another apparently deranged creature committed yet another bloody massacre using a military grade automatic weapon.

Yes, call me crazy, but I blame the Russians (and their American accomplices).

This hostile power is working relentlessly  to destroy America from within.  One obvious instance is Putin’s  meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

And there is ample evidence of continued meddling in America’s politics – on social media sites, for example.

Putin’s objective is not just to have his pawn in the White House. He is interested in stirring up partisan hatred and disrupting America’s democracy.

Obviously, he would like to kill as many Americans as possible in the process.

How? By supporting the NRA.

The NRA is suspected of funneling Russian money into Trump’s presidential campaign. And the links with Russia go deeper, much deeper.

Wittingly or unwittingly, Republican politicians have eagerly joined Putin’s campaign to wreak havoc in America.

By misinterpreting the Second Amendment, these callous  demagogues have consistently blocked legislative attempts to curb the mass shootings that plague American society. Naturally, they are generously funded by NRA lobbyists.

The NRA’s obvious motive is greed. The association is the political front for arms dealers who want to sell their guns. But I am convinced there’s another even more sinister force at work – Russia’s sabotage of American society.

And, if I am right, that would make the NRA and their political stooges guilty of treason, wouldn’t it?

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