George Graham

Are We Trump’s Jews?


The Nazis seized power by turning the Germans against the Jews. Trump seems to be targeting immigrants to seize power in America.

As I”m sure you know, he is staging a theatrical show of force at the country’s border with Mexico. where “illegal immigrants” are being subjected to savage “zero tolerance” practices.

This grotesque campaign includes a remorseless assault on asylum seekers – even the imprisonment of children in internment camps.

And the draconian policy is not restricted to the southern border.

A French girl, who was visiting British Columbia, was arrested and jailed for two weeks recently when she inadvertently jogged into the US.

By word and deed, Trump is attacking all immigrants, pointedly giving xenophobic Americans a target for tribal hatred.

Even those of us who became US citizens are at risk.

Immigration officials are scanning our citizenship applications in search of “errors.” If they find any, or claim to find any, they plan to revoke our citizenship.

These are frightening times.

But I believe America is better than that. I believe this great democracy will rebuff Trump’s crude crusade to divide and rule us.

The moment of truth is coming in November. Will Trump’s promised “red wave”  engulf immigrants in a nightmare of terror? Or will a “blue wave” cleanse the nation of Trump’s toxins?

We immigrants can only watch and pray.

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