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Aren’t You Tired of Trump?



I switched off the news channels early last night and went to sleep. Usually, I can make it through Rachel on MSNBC, but last night I couldn’t get past Chris Hayes. And switching to CNN didn’t help. Both cable channels were obsessed with Donald Trump.

Did he disrespect women who worked for him over the years? Inquiring minds want to know. And cable TV set out to satisfy their curiosity by asking as many of the women as they could dig up.

Some of the women who showed up said yes; some said no. One said he told her she ate too much candy (after she put on a few pounds). Oh the horror!

Trump’s regard – or disregard – for women was all over network TV, too.

ivankaHis daughter Ivanka (at right), who is revered by the media, told CBS she was shocked to read in the New York Times that  her father was a – gasp! – groper. Nothing could be farther from the truth, she declared.

What daughter wouldn’t be shocked to hear such things about her dad?

I wonder whether Ivanka was as shocked to read about her father’s Mafia connections? The Times revealed those details a while back, too.

And how shocked was she when her dad casually threatened to engulf the world in nuclear war?

She must have heard about that. It was on the evening news.

Everything Trump says or does is “news.” He has become ratings gold, and the TV executives are mining that gold for all it’s worth.

Did you hear Trump wants to meet with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean despot who fed his uncle to a pack of starving dogs?

Did you hear he met with Henry Kissinger?

Did I hear? Yes. Do I care? No.

I wouldn’t care if Donald Trump grew wings and flew over a cheering mob in Manhattan. Indeed, I wouldn’t care if he vanished in a puff of smoke.

I’ve heard more than enough about Donald Trump. I’ve seen far too much of his grotesque face and pudgy body. If I never hear of him again, it will be OK with me.

I’m totally Trumped out.  Aren’t you?

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