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Now, Hillary is a Spy?



One of the first cautions I received as a young reporter was, “Consider the source.” Obviously, nobody shared those words of wisdom with Yahoo News.

The first “article” I saw when I turned on the computer this morning was an ominous dirge announcing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was in deep trouble because she and several State Department associates were in imminent danger of being charged with – wait for it – espionage!

Rife with speculation, the article had nothing substantive to add to the tired, old canard about Hillary’s emails. But it had me worried – until I considered the source. It was Fox News.

(The Washington Post and CNN  are telling a different story. They reported recently that FBI investigators have found nothing so far to incriminate Hillary.)

Just below this piece of journalistic garbage, there was another blast at the Clintons on the Yahoo News screen. A Wall Street “whistleblower” was going to spill the goods on the Clinton Foundation, according to the headline. But the article had only some guy’s suspicion to rely on. Not one shred of believable evidence to back it up.

Aallen-west-7nd the source? The byline credited Fox Nation but digging deeper, I found the smear had originally appeared on Allen West’s web site. Allen West!!!

I’m sure you know who Allen West is – one of those outlandish Tea Party clowns who spend their time dreaming up conspiracies and “scandals.”

Goodness gracious, Yahoo News! Can’t you find a more reliable source than Allen West?

But in this campaign season, where bias and even outright lying passes for news, the avalanche of slander is just beginning. And you can bet that “vast rightwing conspiracy” will be churning out all kinds of fabricated “exposés” involving Hillary.

Sadly, those lazy “journalists” in the corporate-owned mainstream press are only too willing to regurgitate the garbage without checking it out.

So before you believe some slimy piece of “news” about the Clintons, remember this warning:

Consider the source.

Click for more on smearing Hillary.

Allen West’s web site.

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